Gnome to be based on .NET (what a shame)

I just posted the article Gnome to be based on .NET (what a shame).

It seams that Gnome’s leader Miguel de Icaza is sneaking off the linux campus in the nights to join Microsofts more comfortable (.NET) Camp.

That’s what Gnome leader Miguel de Icaza, believes…

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Welcome to Microsoft! Home of the damned :d

and the restless

stick to KDe =)

Thats right, ALLWAYS liked KDE best.

Another vote for KDE !!

KDE Rules~!! M$ …

Isn’t .NET like a standard? Something similar to HTTP. So why not use the standard. At least you will not have to use M$ products and services for that standard. You’ll have a choice to use an open sourced and free (as in freedom) apps and services.