GMT vs BST or perhaps EDT

Just a minor point, I know, but I’ve noticed that the time displayed on the posts is incorrect.

As I’m in Melbourne, Australia, my local time is Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) which is GMT + 10. According to my view of the Forum, the time displayed is GMT+10, however the time displayed is AEST + 1 or equivalent to EDT (Eastern Daylight Time).

One of two problems would be the cause:-

[li]The Forum host does not realise that Melbourne is no longer on EDT and has returned to AEST (Most likely).
[/li][li]The Forum Host is rumming on BST (British Summer Time) instead of GMT (Less likely).

On a humerous note, it took Microsoft and other computer companies a number of years to figure out Summer Time in Australia, so it used to be a Registry Edit to fix it. I’ve got to say, it is a nightmare when the four states that usually share EDT all have different times :frowning:

[li]Queensland does not EDT, since the extra daylight fades the curtains and confuses the cows about milking time (A cow’s clock is not easily changed) :wink:
[li]New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania all implement Daylight Saving, but for different start and end dates. While the start date is pretty constant, the end dates seem to change from year to year in some states (just to keep you on your toes).
Current dates:

State            Start           End
New South Wales  26th October    28th March
Victoria         26th October    28th March
Tasmania         5th October     28th March
South Australia  26th October   7th March

[li]Western Australia and Northern Territory don’t use Daylight Saving. [/ul]
If you want the full story, look at this informative PDF.