GMC, QPEL, VHQ. Xvid-encoding


I’m testing the trial-version of DVD Fab Plat and i’m seriously considering a bought version.
I want to encode a Xvid-movie using the parameters in the profile for Xvid, ac3-encoding.
The thing is that I dont trust the profile totally.
I’ve changed everything to fit my needs of quality.

Just to test that the profile is working even for Xvid-settings I enabled gmc and qpel(changed it from 0 fo 1, if thats the way to do it). To check that the Xvid-movie had thoose things enabled I checked the avi-file with GSpot. Just to find out that it HASNT been enabled. How do I know that the Motion-settings(VHQ-mode and Motion Search Precision) will be changed after my needs when the qpel and gmc-settings DIDNT? :confused:

I tested another program to make a GMC,QPEL-Xvid with and looked it up in GSPOT just to see that GSPOT COULD check it. And it did so its nothing wrong with GSPOT at least.

Help me out here pls. This is really conclusive for me if I’m going to use DVD Fab Platinum or not.


Ok, now I’m lost. I’ve got DVDFab Plat and haven’t touched too many features and as glad as I am to see that it can do so much more…I have to ask; What do those settings that you described do? I’ve only tried Divx and didn’t touch anything else and the video turned out okay. Will it increase the bit rate? Or just make it more compatible or what? lol somebody get me a Tom Tom, because I’m lost!

Ok. :slight_smile:
In short.

GMC)Global Motion Compensation) is a function which enhance the encoding when zooming, panning or rotations occurs. It wont do much do the quality of the movie BUT it will greatly improve the compressionresult(smaller file). The thing is that standalone DVD-players often doesnt support this function.

QPEL(Quarter Pixel)
When you encode a MPEG4-movie(DivX or Xvid) you use either half or quarter pixel motion-compensation. Quarter pixel motion-compensation has the advantage of delivering sharper images than default half pixel.(Better Quality in other words). This function is NOT recommended cause its even more unsupported than GMC by standalone DVD-players.

Motion Search Precision
A qualitysetting. Setting the motion search precision to the highest quality (slowest encodingtime) setting(6) will make the encoder search really hard for repetition between frames. This makes the picture a lot better when things are moving.

VHQ mode enables an even more accurate motion search. Setting it to more than level 1 usually only cripples speed but won’t increase image quality.
If you are fastidious then you would set i to 4 which is max for that setting. But it would probably do with 1.

Another thing is “chroma motion”.
Dont know if thats the chroma_me=“1” in the DVD FAB-profile but it enhances the “Motion Search Precision” even more. You can compare it with if it was to be set at 7 instead of 6.

Thats that. I hope it helped a bit.


Well that explained alot more then I thought lol. Thanks!