Gmail will shut down in Germany (privacy yadda-yadda)

Well, apparently there´s more paranoia here than in the US now :rolleyes:

Google! Campaining for privacy for Paedophiles and other dodgy people.

It’s been said before … don’t put anything in your email that you wouldn’t want someone other than the intended recipient to see.

Of course, no business would dream of using Googlemail as their corporate email server :stuck_out_tongue:

Damn! The German government can have all my personal email. It’s all forwards & crap anyway. Might provide those boring clerks a few laughs.


that is not only regarding the content of the mail (GPG encryption exists), they want also that any user that signs up for an e-mail account has to identify himself.
Well, I do not want any free mail provider give my personal data, do you?


Yeah, kinda “Schaeuble” Paranoia…