Gmail virus!?

Now this is something I didnt expect…

I knew Google were up to something, their plan was to collect all the data in the world and then erase it from the worlds computers and ransom it back! My god!

Is it because of any attachment?

“All your content are belong to us!” :bow:

Nope I havent got a single mail with attachments. Also the warning has disappeared when I log in now.


just collect you mail via pop3 and your safe… :wink:

yup, hardly ever log into the web version…pop3 is the way to go…

gotta love Symantec’s crappy products :Z

You can’t expect an anti-virus to dectet everything properly with amount of viruses and crap on the net. I have always used Norton as it only product I have ever trusted. I havent had this msg once and Iv used Gmail for over a year now.


You might go looking for outlook express repair and mail recovery service. I have been using it without problem since it came out.

Outlook Express? I’d rather sit naked on the town square than use that. Thunderbird is king! :wink:

well, beat me, but i’m very satisfied with MS Outlook (NOT express) 2003!
oh, wait - i’m forced to use it, as there’s no real alternative if you have a PocketPC (which i do have…) :wink:
but i must agree :iagree: : outlook is the 2nd source of danger; directly after IE :wink:

I’d rather sit naked on the town square than use that.
Now that would be interesting :stuck_out_tongue:

Something like this, maybe? ‘Gunderson’ is almost Swedish…

I guess we’ll know when the traffic warden’s hat is replaced by a stetson.