Gmail invites

… I have 100 gmail invites, pm me with your email and ill send you one :bigsmile:

haha i have about 300.

back in the day they could be sold on ebay, but noe (as you’re no doubt noticing) they can’t even be given away…ahh well haha.

yup… just thought id “share the wealth”… 1 person has sent me an email about it… 99 to go :wink:

Like im ever going to share a half eaten 1 week old tuna fish sandwhich with Google. The worlds biggest data miner on earth :disagree:

I dont really use the account much, just give it to people i dont like so they cant keep annoying me lol… anyway googles not that bad, they are refusing to share data with the fbi…

So Far

They are sharing their data with somebody.
I currently have 2 GMail invites because every other day I send myself an invitation for a new account and close my current account.

I create a new account with a unique name and don’t give it to a single person. Within hours the account is spammed.

So how secure is the information they have on you?

Hi :slight_smile:
Nemesys. Ain’t that the truth. :iagree:

lol thats true… i just deleted 512 spam messages from my account… and all that was in there two weeks ago. I get enough space with my hotmail plus or whatever its called anyway

From what I understand you send them or they get anything out of you including email they keep it for a while. Read that in the fine print. Signing up with them for anything is about the worst thing you can do. Your targeted ad material. Their main cash source. Only thing they see of me is a ghost as even their cookies are blown away each time. So im new every time I go there.

i’ve pretty much come to terms with the fact that data mining is a part of the internet.

granted if i really wanted to put in the effort i could set up a co mpletely secure email server, but I’m lazy. I’m not too concerned about getting spam email about penis enlargements (i’m a girl) and low mortgages (I’m in a crappy college apartment).

Gmail is one of few providers I’ve come across that at least has a spam filter that works. The stuff that actually IS spam gets redirected to the spam folder 99.99% of the time (for me) and the stuff that ISN’T spam actually makes it to my inbox. Apparently this is a problem with other mail servers.

I know there are people that don’t trust any corporations especially on the internet and there are others that worship google, but I like gmail.

for those of you that have voiced concerns about spam and data mining and the like, can you recommend a free email service or client that is as user friendly (ie searchable, sortable, a streamlined) as google that doesn’t have those problems?

I’m not trying to be antagonistic…just wondering what other people use.

as far as clients go, I use thunderbird for my non-google emails (school and ISP accounts), and I could add google to thunderbird, but I have a sweet gmail manager extension for firefox that keeps me up to date on my email as lon gas my web browser is open.

we’re all just creatures of habit i guess :wink:

I just use netscape mail and my isp. With Mailwasher in between them. Two spams a day would be alot. If your spam I don’t see you, If your not on my white list I don’t see you, If you contain a filtered word I don’t see you

I use yahoo, and they are pretty good at filtering the spam out if you set it up properly. Won’t use Googlemail (Gmail isn’t allowed in the UK the name already belongs to another company) I don’t want my mails scanned for placing ads.

You can do this with hotmail, where anyone who isnt on your contact list gets sent to junk mail

How dumb can it get. You need an invite to join the google club. Bet that forms requires alot of personal information. Hot mail is to slow here and I have a hunch somebody is watching. Who could ask for anything more from Microsoft.

ehehe only people with no friends cant join google… i just beat the system…

Yahoo here, too. Pretty good 99% of the time, the other 1% - emails about getting PMs here end up in my spam folder :slight_smile:

I solved that by marking as not spam and adding the cdfreaks address to my address book.

no forms…

in fact i think the “invite only” thing was a marketing scheme when gmail first launched and holy crap did it work well. When gmail was in its infancy and invites were rare they would go on ebay for about $20 or so.

at this point all i’d do is click “send gmail invitation” and input an email address. you’d receive a link to set up an account. It doesn’t ask for any more information than any other mail service as far as I know (I signed up a LONG time ago so it may have changed)

nice thing about mailwasher is you see everything is on the isp servers. Nothing is loaded unless i allow it and I can review trashed mail and have it sent to another email address.