GMail as a file server

Hey, I was just going across the web, and I came across this…
This is awesome. It tells you how to use your free 2GB of Gmail storage as an online file server. You download this free little thing that adds a Gmail Drive under my computer. Then, you sign in on the drive, and move files. Sign into your Gmail account online, and you can download those files. Its pretty sweet, Im doing it myself. Just a cool thing I wanted to share.

Read it loooong ago … should I told you ?

sorry, just thought it was something new.

Nonetheless, you can store 2GB, aka 3 Divx Movies, on your Gmail account :wink:

/me wonders how well that’d work as P2P file swapping :wink:

me wondering the same thing


Nice, I hadn’t seen it.
Thx for posting.

It is a little limited:

Does that answer some questions?

… but cheaper than a USB stick for taking stuff to/from home/work.

Theoretically though … compressed file splitting has been supported by rar/arj since 1995 (or earlier). Similar with zip :wink:
It’d just mean you’d need to UL/DL lots of 10MB files :wink:

And in fact, it’s best if it’s compressed using rar, as rar supports error correction, whereas avi has no/limited error correction capability.

google regularly breaks it also so counting on it is a bit risky

Don’t get me wrong! I am definitly going to use this! I just posted part of the Engadget article to point out that you can’t really use it to store movies, and shouldn’t try to P2P with it. :cop: This is an awesome idea, especially since I will be visiting my mother for a month and a half in another state, and can access my files from her house with this little download! Just when I thought I loved Google as much as I could, they prove me wrong. :clap:

editSomehow I missed Cnlson’s post…maybe I don’t love Google so much.edit

well apparently you found it :slight_smile: don’t worry they are not doing it on purpose just trying to make sure that spammers and hackers can’t get in. they are not doing it on purpose and the programmer comes up with fixes fairly quickly. it was down a week last time.

i use a usb drive with portable apps when i am traveling. if you use portable firefox you can bring passwords, bookmarks everything.

I moved the thread to a somewhat more appropriate space :slight_smile:

Nice feature this is ;), but I think I’d rather use a kind of USB memory stick if possible.

It’s also nice as an extra bacup of photos and such…

wts max size of file u can upload on gmail ??? any idea ???
wt abt speed of gmail drive ??// i find it little slow …

if you look, they have posted the max file size. I quoted this comment because its funny :smiley: Slow compared to your local drive?

bit too slow … whit 5kb/s upload :stuck_out_tongue: <like i have :P>

3 GB down and 256 up here :slight_smile:

well i was confirming bcoz when i was uploading on gmail …i wasnt able to upload more then 3 or 4 mb …slow compared to http…got it dude :slight_smile:

dont got it. drive speed and upload speed are apples to oranges.