GMA-4084N does not like 8X MXL, MCC DVD-R?

I’m not familiar with LG burners. This 8X burner comes with ASUS laptop. It can only burn max 4X speed. DMA all on. WinXP MCE.

I find your post very interesting as I, too, have a 4084N and a BenQ 1640.

For the heck of it, I ran a test on one of those Verbatim -Rs just to see how the 4084N would burn it compared to a Yuden 02 it had burned earlier and I ran the QS on the 1640 and it would only burn the Verb at 4x. It buned the Yuden at 8x.

Not sure what went wrong with your MXL, but I’ve been getting good burns on good media with the 4084N…FWIW.

Interesting indeed. Thanks for burning the 8X Verb, which is hard to find these days. My burn of Yuden T02 is pretty good too, again at 4X speed only. I can see the firmware is different between the two burners.

Right about the firmware. My 4084N is in an HP laptop.

Oh and I can always find MCC02RG20 at BEST BUY as Verbatim Digital Movie. The kind with the roll of movie film printed on the disc… Not cheap, but easy to find (Central NJ)

This burner seems to do better on 16X media, so I’ll stick with it.

This particular burner does seem to like the Verb +R DLs

(Burned at 4x on the 4084N, scanned on the 1640)

That’s a pretty good DL burn.:clap: I wish I can do that on my other burner

What burning software do you use?

I use ImgBurn 99% of the time. And for DL, I use ImgBurn exclusively.