Gma 4080n help!



Hi all! just joined so im a little lost! I’ve got a problem!!! i bought an ACER TRAVELMATE C313xmi laptop with a LG GMA-4080n optical drive. worked great for about 3 months and then suddenly it didnt. it plays and reads dvd’s but wont do anything with cd-roms, cdr/ rws etc. attempts to read (can hear it spinning, then it cuts out and tries again… forever!)

contacted acer who said basically they will look at it as its under warranty but if they find its a “software” problem then they’ll charge me a bomb.

how do i know whats wrong with it lol? any advise would be useful.

Do i send it to them and risk a charge? are there any tests i can do? or do i buy a replacement as it could be cheaper? what is a suitable replacement.

hope this makes sense, sorry for the million questions. HOPE YOU CAN HELP ME!!!




the easiest way to test wether your problem is hardware-related or related to messed Windows, is to get a Knoppix or Kanotix-CD and booting from that CD.
If it loads, then your problem is your Windows.



As already said before, try to boot from a bootable CD. One of the disks you got from Acer should be a windows or a recovery disk which are bootable. Ask Acer support which disk to use and if you have to change bios settings or to press some keys while booting to enable cd boot.