GM Navigation Disc



Can you please email me a copy of the ISO file , i would greatly appreciate it . ( Removed E-mail Address )



You should not post e-mail address unless you want a lot of spam. I edited the above post’s


Oh im sorry and thank you . no one answered me anyway.


hey has anyone a copy of the updated maps 2009 tahoe?


It’s a dual layer disk. You need a dual layer burner and dual layer disks. Cookies game burner will burn dual layer disks. Dual layer disks are generally 8 gb disks. I’ve never found them any smaller. It burns them without no problems. Another program is blind read blind write. It has to be the version that supports dual layer burning. For those who like to burn software that has security preventing it from being copied blind read blind write will be your new best friend. Ps3 for example it’s disks have bad sectors for security. With a few command changes in blind read blind write it will write those bad sectors. a normal burner will not write bad sectors no matter what you do. Good luck I hope this helps. I’ve a few for my family.


There are DL discs with less capacities.
But in general, what’s the purpose of creating such “backups”? You can just use your product cause (I assume) you have bought it. And even in the case it is going to be defective, the creator usually provides good support.
As far as I am aware of, creating “backups” to circumvent copy-protections is against the actual law.