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Has anyone successfully copied a GM Navigation Disc that actually will work in the Unit? I have made about 6 coasters so far, I have used Alcohol 120%, and DVD Decrypter to create and burn an ISO image, but the unit reads the DVD as DVD, but then rejects it. Any help on how I might be able to make a working copy would be greatly appreciated.


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use the search function with the key word [I]navigation[/I] as there are already some threads about navigation discs and read them maybe there’s some more info.


GM uses safe Disc codes. You might try searching safe disc


Well I copied the disc successfully! The original disc was in bad shape, I even had Radio Shack shave the disc to remove some scratches and it still didn’t work good. I did make myself 2 excellent working back-ups, one I use in the truck and the other in safe keeping. If anyone is interested let me know and I will share the info.


Sharing the info would be helpful for other users :wink:


Ok, after about $20 in DVD-DL Coasters I figured this out… Software I used was DVD Decrypter to create the image, insert NAV disc, and then click decrypt. Keep in mind to keep the write speed as slow as possible 1x. I then used IMGBurn to burn my image, but first I used the verify feature to make sure the image and the disc were coherent. Know here is the part that makes it or breaks it. You have to have a DVD Burner that you can change the book type to DVD-ROM. I started using a Lite-On DVD Burner that I was able to change the book type in IMGBurn, but that didn’t matter because the burner itself could not write DVD-ROM booktype. So I started researching my 3 DVD-Burners and Found that the Samsung in my work PC was the ticket. So when you burn the image using IMGBurn, make sure you have a dvd-burner that supports DVD-ROM booktype, and change the booktype to DVD-ROM in the IMGBurn Program. Next you want to burn the image as slow as possible 1x. This process worked for me, created create back-ups that I have tested on a few road trips. I hope this helps you guys, if you have any problems or questions let me know.


Could you give me the model # of the burner you are useing.


I’m pretty sure it’s a Samsung, I will check the exact model # when I am back in the office and re-post.


Thank you


GHUNTER, the DVD Drive is a TSSTcorp CD/DVDW SH-S162L (it’s a Sumsung). If you have any other questions feel free to ask.


so i have read the previous replys and get up to the part where i am about to burn the image with IMGburn and then a NOTICE! pops up telling me the image file is too large to fit onto DVD+R disk and then asks me if i want to write image anyway. Am i using the wrong disk or should i just write anyway. Need some help. THX.


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you’ve to use a doubler layer disc.


Yes, you must use a DVDR-DL (Dual Layer) disc. I have heard of people compressing the data or just putting the areas they needed on a DVDR but I don’t think it is an easy task. Better off spending the extra $$ to get Dual Layer discs and copy the whole thing.


For the GM Nav Disc, can anyone confirm whether or not the original is a +R or -R disc? I’ve tried both using the process above and both fail. I’m using a Plextor PX-760A; Reading the ISO with DVD Decrypter at 1x; Writing out at 1x using IMGBurn after flagging the Booktype to DVD-Rom. With the -R DL the navigation system flat spits it out with an error. Using the +R DL media, it takes it but then I get a Check Disc error on the display. Using Verbatim media for both the -R and +R’s. My thought is that this must be a +R original because it takes longer to fail with the +R’s than the -R’s but maybe I’m wrong. Any other pointers would be appreciated as well.



the original disc is neither +R nor -R. Such kind of media is only used with DVD writers. Commercially discs (DVD-ROM) are made in a totally different way.



So, should I be using +RDL or -RDL for my backup copy?


Hi all, new to this, I have made 3 working copies of the latest version of gm navdisc 15906573. I followed all the different ideas on here with not much luck. I finally decided to try this easy meathod.
Nero 7, copy dvd, set book type to dvd-rom, write speed as slow as possible. all settings at default except book type. The only issue i have has so far is it will not update radio. it starts but fails 1/2 thru. i used original disc to update nav unit, then removed original and inserted copy. has worked fine for a couple weeks now.


i use memorex dvd+r dl disc, sony dru-830a burner. use a sony 510a to read original. copy straight from disc.


thanks for the great info


I own a 2004 chevy trailblazer and my dvd don’t work anymore was looking for someone who can email me the updated file for one so i can burn or try to burn it im able to do the one for my acura so hopfully i can burn the gm one also

my email is if anyone can send me the files or a iso for it plz
thank you ahead of time