Glum music industry outlook plagues EMI

I just posted the article Glum music industry outlook plagues EMI.

Kyle SGMS used our newssubmit to tell us that one of the big record labels, EMI, has announced bad results. While still paying big artists millions of dollars, they blame piracy for their losses…

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Record companies are obsolete. Time for them to lay down and go the way of the dinosaur.

“it had not paid enough attention to what the business was really about – generating big-name stars” Excuse me…I thought the purpose of the music industry was to generate …good music. No wonder they are in a tailspin…its all the money …glitter…stardom…but nothing about whether they can play or sing

Instead of record companies busting through the front door they should be knocking on the back door. They could collect a small percentage of CD-R/CD-RW sales based on a monitoring index of how much music is flowing through the internet. The public is happy because they could burn all they want and the record companies could collect the amount they feel is being lost to music copying.

Dogbyte: It would have to be an independant orginization to regulate what is needed to be paid, if the record company(s) got to choose how much we paid, every music sharing person in the world would go bankrupt, due to the $3.5mil that they owe.:r I’m with fb-, there’s no good reason for artists to just bypass them and hire a lawyer with all the extra money they would recieve… however I doubt they’d need a lawyer for piracy, realistic prices will all but kill piracy completely.

I don’t see why a good artist, well know or not, can’t release a few lower quality tracks (128k) on file sharing networks, spread the word about his talent and expand his fan base. Then open up a web site, offer complete albums of higher quality tracks for download at a reasonable price. Heck, for those that don’t want to download, offer CD’s complete with cover art, linear notes for $7. Problem solved. RIAA gone and the musicians get their fair share. Why do we need the RIAA?

Ahem ahem … Well - i 'll make a few points - take a nice looking gal (even a short one like kylie ? :slight_smile: ) give her LOADS of money ! - she generates money - but is also paid a lot of money. Now Get a talented young band. Rather unknown - Not bloody clowns with masks etc - but a band that can play !!! Promote it !!! It will cost you less . If they can play - they will atract a croud . And generate money !?? REcord companies are not obsolete - they are just stupid - and they don’t hve guts anymore … in the 70’s the used to sign up bands like yes for hellsake - and they were playing difficult music - but still sold shedloads !!! It could happen again ! FAQ punk - FAQ POP - bring back ROCK on THE RADIO and THE MTV ! The rock crowd is far more loyal - mos rock fans don’t buy loosy best of’s but catalogues ! I think i made my point ! Record companies WAke UP !!!

EMI= whinging pissants not much to say as you have already said it. Easier to blame losses on piracy than to soul search and check your own backyard. advice to EMI: GET SINGERS THAT CAN SING…BANDS THAT CAN PLAY…might be interesting to note that a lot of people over , say 35, don’t like rap hiphop shit and thus you have lost a generation and a half of buyers…:7

Sherrif: I’m only 17 and I don’t like that ‘rap hiphop shit’ either. :slight_smile: