Glossy coating for Inkjet Printable DVDs?

I remember someone made a post a while back that said that not only did they use an inkjet printer that could print directly on DVDs to make labels for their inkjet printable DVDs, but they also said that they knew of a “process” wherby they could apply a glossy coating onto the printed label that would preserve it from fingerprints and what not. I have since bought an inkjet printer and the same type of DVDs and print onto the DVD’s, but for the life of me cannot find the post that explained how they applied the glossy coating, or what they used to do it.
If anyone knows of an inexpensive way to do this, the info would be greatly appreciated, as it would be great to be able to apply a glossy coating over my inkjet printed labels!

Artists spray varnish, though you have to make sure you get none on the purple side of the disk.

I’ve been trying Krylon Crystal Clear and Krylon Matte UV Protector. It is just about impossible to get a smooth coat, you have to go with a super thin coat. It seems like the disc surface repells the Krylon making it difficult to get an even coat.

I’ve been using Krylon Preserve it!, seems to be a little lighter than
Crystal Clear and yes, is really hard to get an even coating. I start spraying outside the disk and then move on top of the DVD with 2
quick passes. At first I made some puddles on the disk created by the first hit, so I moved it outside. Look good. YMMV

A month or so ago I saw an article about an new glossy, inkjet printable disc coming out. Can’t remember what kind and haven’t seen them yet, but they are supposed to be more durable. If you haven’t bought the printer yet, I suggest an Epson. They are the only printer that uses a pigment in their inks that resists water, all the other smear like hell if you get one drop on them. Also, there is some kind of spray for photo printer prints that is supposed to protect them, this might work on the discs.

Too bad they dont sell a special inkjet cartridge with a clearcoat “ink” that you could just print a solid image of over each disk, thus applying a nice even coat. Might work out to be a little expensive though, unless you could refill the cart yourself.

I tried using ghiant satin spray from svp , but although it gives the disk a nice sheen it makes it look very grainy ,
stopped using it , disks looked better without it

have you tried the silver printable discs they give realy good results without the spray leaving an almost hollographic finish

I use Datawrite Transprint discs with the silver coating, and they do give a very nice finish (even though the colours arn’t as vivid!)

They have a pretty nice look right off the printer. I was trying to get a waterproof finish, not so concerned about a gloss finish. The never ending quest for the perfect disc… :cool: