Glossy CD-burners?

Hello, are there any shiny, glossy internal CD-burners on the market? I’m searching one to perfectly match my PC case.

Thanks a lot in advance!

@ Mad_Griffit,

Please explain exactly what a “Shiny, Glossy” internal CD-Burner is?

Most internal CD Burners are available in the color Black or Beige and in some instance Sliver. Never seen of the color of a CD Burner described as “Shiny, Glossy”.

Also just an internal CD Burner are becoming difficult to locate – Most Optical Drives nowadays are CD/DVD Burners.

Also you have the option of painting an Optical Drive to “Perfectly Match” the color of your Computer Case. Years ago my Daughter demanded a ‘Pink” Computer to match the color of her Bed Room and I obliged by painting her Dell Computer “Pink”.


hello, I was meaning a BLACK cd/dvd burner.

Glossy = reflecting

In ancient times, when DVD burners were really expensive, there were some drives with really nicely styled frontplates like some Benq retail drives or Pioneer A11XL (–> ).
Now, as optical drives are cheap, there are only basic frontplates :frowning:

ok, so it basically doesn’t exist. I’ll keep my Sony 1814BLT.

[QUOTE=zsl1010;2302196]Updates on the new Pioneer DVR-118 series.
[I][B]Unlike the former S1X series, the S18L do not have ‘Piano shining bezel’[/B][/I].
[/QUOTE]Do you have contacts to people in Asia? :wink:
DVR-S16 series should fulfill your demands :slight_smile:

unfortunately I don’t. I’ll wait for it to be released in EU too.

[QUOTE=Mad_Griffith;2302205]unfortunately I don’t. I’ll wait for it to be released in EU too.[/QUOTE]

Afaik those Pioneer Premium Series never get released outside Asia.

Yes i had the same problem, I have the NZXT m59 Classic Series ATX Gaming Case and i wanted a glossy black cd/dvd burner for the top light to reflect of them but i couldnt find any, so i set about painting the front drive plate thingy ( the plastic bit ) altho i lost the writing on the front, but damn my pc is sexy as now, alot of hard work went into the painting but well worth it

I have an old Benq 1640 with the hitech front face.