Glossary of terms-What IS Ripping?

So, I am STILL new to this world of burning and I have learn a lot since joining cdfreaks. However, there are terms from time to time that puzzle me, like the term “ripping”. I assume it means to copy something but … maybe not? Also, using the DVDFab Gold product I wonder what is meant by DVD5 and DVD9. I assumed it was single layer versus double layer but am I correct in this assumption?
For us burning newbies, there is no glossary of terms to hep us out so I turn to this community to ask the ‘silly’ questions.
Also I read others postings writing about DVDshrink and other items. Are these incorporated into DVDFab Gold or found only in the Platinum version?
All in all, the Gold version works for me. I click, I burn, I have a copy. I am happy! :bigsmile: And I am pleased not only with the product but of the continued diligence of Fengtao and the fixes, upgrades and general monitoring of the product. THAT is service! :flower: :bow:

The definition of ripping on Wikipedia is a good start… :wink:

DVD5 and DVD9. I assumed it was single layer versus double layer but am I correct in this assumption?

DVD definition on Wikipedia

DVD type 	Name
Single sided, single layer 	DVD-5
Single sided, dual layer 	DVD-9
Double sided, single layer 	DVD-10
Double sided, dual layer 	DVD-18

I don’t use DVDFab so I don’t know about your other questions, sorry.

Regards, :smiley:


EDIT: [I]Dean[/I], I like “elrelaxo”! :stuck_out_tongue: :bigsmile:

Welcome BarbiGee, and relax. The forum has been a lot of help to me too. You´ll find the answer to nearly everything here if you ask your questions the right way and use the search options.
For anything you can´t quickly find, such as these definitions, I would suggest using Google or Wikipedia…example, an explanation of ripping

I thought ripping was when you passed gas? Hahah…

I guess I just thought that “ripping” was more a slang word and not ‘high’ enough to rate a Wiki entrance. :stuck_out_tongue:
But the idea of a listing of glossary terms might be something to help newbies and others who are not as techno-literate in this media.
And, as much as I love DVDFab, I find that I do not completely understand some of the finer points of its operations, hence my need to ask a ‘silly’ question now and then.
I’m learning! :wink:

There’s no such thing as a silly question in this forum. No one was born a walking encyclopedia. We all learn by asking questions. So, search first and if u can’t find the answer, ask. Anyone with the answer will be more than happy to accommodate you. I believe I’m expressing the sentiment of every member.


Ripping as referred to in DVD world is removing protection and moving content to another location.

Burning is when that content is being transferred to a blank disc.

DVDFab Gold has the ability to shrink disc or main movie to a DVD 5 single layer disc and in your case you probably do not need DVD Shrink which is mostly used with the free version of DVDFab Decrypter, but has other uses beside shrinking content.