Gloom hard to shake for music industry, sales keep on dropping

I just posted the article Gloom hard to shake for music industry, sales keep on dropping.

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that according to this article, the music industry is suffering from decling sales. Music sales in the
U.S. declined just over eight…

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Call me a cock but I’m pretty pleased by this. This is RIAA’s notice that they are NOT necessary and cannot act with impunity and expect us to kep paying. They need US, not the other way around. For that matter, let it be a message to all corporations that when you declare war on your customers, they’ll abandon you.

There is not a CD out there that will make me get off my duff, drive to a store burning my gas and buy for 15 or 20 bucks. I am thinking of starting a DVD collection though. There are plenty of cool movies out and you can get 'em for about the same price. I hope the music “industry” goes bust and artists start selling thier music direct off the net. Take these manufactured “stars” and shove 'em. We need innovation and we need it now.

I went to these same companies about 2 years back with my new CD technology. They were all just so “were okay’ish” about there position. It pleases me to see them in such disarray. I am doing alot of work with indie labels as i see that is where the great talent is, and this is where more people will start to look for their music. As long as Kazaa is free and in operation, then all the IMUSIC and other mp3 pay crap will die slow. Who uses a MAC anyway? The music industry have a wake up call coming… and its not their lagging sales :slight_smile: Will Smash CEO Consumer Surround Sound Inc.
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To expand on my comments on longevity, I’d mentioned artists like Queen, Pink Floyd as examples of enduring bands. Last night I went to see the Blue Brothers musical live and was treated to a feast of great music. So what makes the music great? It was written by REAL artists, played by REAL musicians who really ENTERTAIN. None of them are just another plastic faced pop act churning out the same crap as the last act to release a single or two then disappear into obscurity to end up working in MacDonalds. Myself and some friends (of all ages) watched an hour of the recently released Queen live at Wembley DVD as well last night, and rarely will you see so much energy and effort put into entertaining people. Whether you like Queen or not, these arewere REAL people playing REAL music mostly WRITTEN by themselves (cover versions accepted). It’s what keeps people interested. I bet EMI are making as much money out of Queens material as they ever did, regardless of the fact the Mercury is now dead. This is because the band actually had something to offer people… Perhaps it’s about time we had a whip round and paid for Simon Cowell and his cronies to be shipped off to Uranus, lets face it, it’s from his anus he always speaks! :d