Global software piracy cost $53B in 2008

I just posted the article Global software piracy cost $53B in 2008.

Even though major copyright groups continue to try and combat piracy, a new joint report released by the Business Software Alliance (BSA) and IDC indicates piracy reached a record high last year,…

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And if my HDD is any indicator, I’m personally responsible for 200 million dollars of that figure.

@Duke, too funny. But that would mean that if they had developed anti-piracy measures that were 100% effective, you would have purchased EVERY item on your hard drive. :slight_smile: I think that’s the weak point of the piracy arguement, the belief that people who “pirate” would otherwise buy if they could not “steal” it. I seriously doubt the loss figures because I seriously doubt “pirates” would buy everything if they couldn’t get it for free. And then if you take into account the other BS published claims that 60% of the “pirates” ended up buying what they “pirated” I find it hard to expect the other 40% to make up such a huge $ claim for the losses.

These moronic corporations need to make better products at better prices and they might see better sales. Just look at the Left 4 Dead sales figures for when they offered it for half price. But, sadly, greed trumps sense any day.

Well, I suppose I would have purchased about 10% of what I have, so I guess that would make it $20 Million. Let me go check the sofa and see how much of that I can rummage up for them.

On a serious note, you’re correct. Most people would not have spent the $200 on Vista or Office 2007. Why? Because both of those programs aren’t worth the media they’re burned on. The last program I paid for was Windows 98 SE Upgrade. I was at the store at midnight when it came out. I think it cost me $130. By the time I got to work the next day I had 5 burned copies in my hand and was selling them for $20 a pop. I made my money back rather quickly.

What’s the moral of the story? Duke is handsome and popular with the ladies.

The corps have a choices we buy hardware or software, computer software is WAY to expensive, i can barley afford Hardware, softwware is impossible. $600 and up for photoshop rediculous! And the stripped stuff is crap. businesses should pay $200 a copy and the personal use consumer should pay $50 or less. thats fare, other then that no way, unless your bringing in the dough from the app.

I wish I would’ve taken accounting in grade school like these fools who come up with these numbers.

I work for 300€ a month, if id have to pay for every peice of software on my comp id go completly open source and freeware. Just consider how fast would open source community then develop.

And i agree with Chuckwagon.