Global pool of IPv4 addresses set to run dry in weeks




Yeah … we’ve been hearing that the end is nigh for years now …

I’m adding this one to the same pool as “global warming” & “second-hand smoke” :stuck_out_tongue:

I have to really question why companies need so many gigantic pools of IP addresses. Better management of their resources is the key. Do they really have that many EXTERNALLY ADDRESSABLE servers & applications operating that they can’t condense their networks of servers onto a single/few external IP addresses, mapped to one (or a few) of the 65536 available port numbers?

Even if every server is running 128 distinctly different services, on individual ports, you could still have 512 servers. Ports are a just a software invention, and the routers can manage it.

A single directable IP (with UDP/TCP) packet has everything it needs to get where it’s going.