Global music industry files largest ever number of lawsuits

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 As the  RIAA's lawsuit campaign of suing several hundred at a time seems to be having less effect after each  round,                      the global recording industry has decided launch its ...
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I dislike this new image of the music business. Why don’t they just do what every other business has to do to compete with the new technology–lower prices. Can you imagine where the computing business would be if they maintained their prices at the same level as when they began operating and prosecuted every cloner maker?

Lets just sit it out…I’m guessing even the dinosaurs didn’t go quietly…:X

These idiots need to realize that suing people (reguardless of the numbers) is a stupid business model, they would have to sue nearly everyone connected to the internet at one time around the world for this kind of crp to work. As far as I can tell, most people simply ignore the riaa and continue on as usual, even if the network they are on gets shutdown, they just move to a different network, what’s more, the newer networks will probably be de-centralized in nature making them nearly impossible to shutdown, and if all else fails, there is always usenet. These jerks need to start working with their customers instead of fu**ing them you know where… :r

Not everyone uses Eircom in Ireland, alot of people use Smart BB, IBB, Digiweb, NTL, UTV, BT and when you compare all of them to Eircom they either have no caps or the caps are set to between 20GB - 40GB+ per month :slight_smile: Again only ISP reselling Eircoms DSL service have limited uploads of 128K, I believe recently Smart Telecom have upped theirs to 256K and IBB offer 1MB/1MB. On the subject of CD costs in Ireland I completely agree, it generally costs between 18e - 22e per CD in Ireland…why the hell would I pay that when I can goto or and get a CD for 14e-15e and FREE shipping…so really its the music industrys own fault. Another example is I’ve finally managed to stop my girlfriend from being CD singles in shops, she now buys them from iTunes for 99c and once their burned to CD they can be ripped and will not longer have any DRM which makes her happy…finally value for money :slight_smile: Frankly I don’t think IRMA sueing a few people in Ireland will stop anybody from downloading music…especially the likes of students.

The industry would be in shit…oh wai… :B

I use BT broadband, which I’m quite happy with, especially for their customer service as they have no problem telling me that a fibre is broken or one of the servers is down, unlike Eircom which automatically puts the blame on the customer’s equipment no matter what the fault! I’ve seen someone using Smart Telecom and their uplink is 160kbps from what I recall, which gives roughly a 128kbps throughput. They apparently have the speed of their link tweaked to give an actual data rate of roughly what they advertise, unlike the others which set the physical link to that. However, I’m surprised that they don’t even offer any faster uplink considering that Irish Broadband offers synchronous links (1Mb/1MB, 2Mb/2MB, etc.) and that Smart Telecom use ADSL2 as opposed to regular ADSL by the other providers. Up in my area, the cheapest one can pay for any ADSL service with at least a 256k uplink is ~97 Euro per month (inc. VAT)!! As no ADSL provider here I’m aware of offers anything faster, this is a big issue for businesses here who are interested in Video Conferencing or VoIP services (with several simultaneous calls) unless there is a wireless operator in their location offering a faster uplink. As 128k only effectively works out at around 13KB/sec, chances are that their uplink would get swamped if the user shares out just 10 or so popular songs. This means that whether they share out another 10 songs or even 1,000 songs, I cannot see how this makes them worse off affecting music sales (if downloads do result in lost CD sales) since the uploading speed remains the same. This would be different for someone with a fast 1Mb or faster link. In fact if one shares too many songs with a slow uplink, they would likely cause “less harm” to the music industry since there will be so many incoming connection attempts that either the receiver will get stuck in a very lengthy queue and try elsewhere or their throughput will be slow to the point that their client will get the majority of its download elsewhere.

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