Global DiVX Player 1.8.5



I just posted the article Global DiVX Player 1.8.5.

I surfed on a freeware DiVX Player which u might want to know about. It says it is a much more efficient way to watch movies. It consumes less memory and CPU Cycles than Windows Media…

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Well ive tried quite a few different players including this one but Ive found that none can beat BSplayer. Get it at


the play works well:) Does anyone know what safenow is and why it constantly wants to acces the internet? just hate these progies that access the internet without lettin’ u know:(


This player works pretty nicely. I’ve tried a few of them and I like this one the most. Easy to use and works pretty well. Lacks a few features like no playlist which is a pain with films that are in two parts. I cant just get them both lined up so it starts the second half the instant the first one finishes. Other than that though it’s a good player.


I love this program, I have been using it for months. It is the player of choice on campus here. Joys of getting highspeed accecc to the internet on the ca net backbone, and computer dept. really doesn’t care what you do. :d


I`ve just downloaded this program and It works perfectly…


Who’s getting me a DVD to rip and the watch the movies in DivX format? :7


I agree with MachoMan, nothing can beat BSplayer. The feature to play movies without any frame-freezing problems, is what makes this player also unique!


Gringo, Safenow is a ‘spyware’. Go to Download their free software and it will remove all known ‘spyware’.