Glitches in DVD burns



I am a real newbie and have just acquired a Philips DVD burner (DVDR 16LSK/00), Nero 6 Reloaded and some cheap PC Line 8x DVD+R’s. I have created a slide show with transitions and audio tracks. The complete show is around 0.78 GB. I have tried many times to burn the finished show to DVD and most attempts just result in failures with the error message “Unable to create the disc structure”. I have had 2 seemingly successful attempts but when I play the discs they either freeze at certain points in the show or at best have some really bad audio and video glitches or jumps.

My PC has a 1.6 GHZ processor with 785 MB memory and I’m running Windows 2000 Pro.

I’m getting very frustrated and now have enough coasters. I know that this must have been covered several times before but I’d be grateful if someone can help.

Trevbert :confused:


Cheap media is the first warning sign. Do you have a “Partners” stationary shop near you? If so pop in and buy Verbatim as they sell singles that you can try before investing in spindles, to make sure about whether or not it is a media problem.

It would be a good idea also to post the Nero error log, this will help the gurus here to narrow down the problem for you.


Well I asked the guy in PC World (UK) and he said that there was hardly any difference in media and I believed him!!! Thanks I’ll try some verbatim tomorrow.

Meanwhile here’s the error log as you suggested. Many thanks.

Trevbert :smiley:


Post a text based version of the error log, the one you have attached needs to be downloaded. Copy and paste the text into a post.

Never believe what PC world tell you :slight_smile: well not where media is concerned anyway I was with a friend and they told him Ritek where the best, I couldn’t supress my laughter. Oh and by the way at the moment it is buy one get one free in Partners so you could bget a - and + to see which works better. I took advantage of it to get 6 spindles while I had the cash.

If you are able to shop online TYs are the best and you can get them from here:


I noticed a 2.4x burn speed. This could suggest that the burners firmware didn’t recognise the actual DVD media.
With the Verbatims you’re going to buy, start your burning at the rated speed or thereabouts. So if you get 8x burn at 8x , if you get 16x burn at 12x or 16x. Don’t believe the myths about burning slooow. It doesn’t really work for modern high speed media.


NeroVision OS: Windows Windows 2000

Is SP4 installed?

Update Nero to and please remove the Nero serial from listings/logfiles.

[22:02:32] GCCore The following operation did not finish in the past 15 seconds: Graph control (Stream segment)
[22:02:32] GCCore The following operation did not finish in the past 15 seconds: Receive sample (GC Sink)
[22:02:33] NeroAPI [B]Writing file to disc failed[/B]
[22:02:33] DVDEngine _BAOFile::Write(): NeroBAOWriteToFile() returned 3
[22:02:34] DVDEngine
[22:02:34] DVDEngine Windows 2000 5.0
[22:02:34] DVDEngine IA32
[22:02:34] DVDEngine WinAspi: File ‘Wnaspi32.dll’: Ver=?.?.?.?, size=30208 bytes, created 11/06/1997 18:01:02
[22:02:34] DVDEngine ahead WinASPI: File ‘C:\Program Files\Ahead\Nero\Wnaspi32.dll’: Ver=, size=164112 bytes, created 26/10/2004 16:35:32
[22:02:34] [B]DVDEngine Nero API version:[/B]
[22:02:34] DVDEngine Using interface version:
[22:02:34] DVDEngine Installed in: C:\Program Files\Ahead\Nero
[22:02:34] DVDEngine Application: ahead\NeroVision
[22:02:34] [B]DVDEngine Recorder: <PHILIPS DVDR16LS> Version: P1.8[/B] - HA 1 TA 0 -



Following the several wise pieces of advice I

a) bought single good (Verbatim) discs from partners
b) ignored advice about slow burning speeds
c) upgraded to Nero

Now all is fine. I have really learned a lot. This is a great site.

Many thanks to all who helped.

Trevbert :smiley:


since you did all 3 at once, you’ll never know what the culprit was, but rest assured that all three pieces of advice will only produce better burns than what you were previously getting.

stick around…you’ll be surprised how much you pick up in a short time!


Yeah I know… but it is solved and that is a major step for me ( a newly retired senior and learning fast even though I do struggle at times. When I was at work it was so easy to turn and ask loads of really helpful folk. But now I’m on my own in my den it’s quite different.

I still don’t understand the piece of advice about removing stuff from log files.

[I]When you post/get a logfile from Nero, it will have the serial you are using in the first few lines written.

But it’s no good idea to post such things, they could be misused, so editing them out is the best idea.

You can parse the logfile/info into text, just select the whole text and click on the icon obove the post window (icons).[/I]

So how do I know what to remove? How can it be misused?



You shouldn’t burn at 2.4x neither 4x because the results will be even lower than at 8x…


Hi Trevbert,
When you are asked to post a Nero log , edit your serial #
starts with 1Axx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx so somebody who’s less than honest cannot use it to legitimize his " bootleg " copy ,
Ahead software will flag this , and block your copy for upgrades …
Hope this explains it …