Glitches during DVD Playback

Ok, Here is the problem; During playback of the dvd i get a ‘glitch’. The video stops playing for a few secods and then starts again. This happens consitantly in the same place.
Here is what i have/did:
I created a menu dvd with DVD Architect 4.5, and burned it with the same software. My media was a 16X DVD-R Taiyo Yuden. I burned at 8X speed. The movie that i put on the dvd was rendered using vegas video 8.0 in the Mpeg2 format. DVD Architect did not have to render this project at all.
The project is large, 4.6Gb on a single layer disk. There were no errors given by DVD Architect when I burned the disk. I have read in other places in this forum that the bit rate may have something to do with it. If some one could please explain what the “give and Take” is with lowering/ raising the bit rate, that would be appreciated.

Also I have dvd shrink on my computer, so i opened up the TS files on the hard drive and played through the movie. No glitches. Finally I played this dvd on diferent players, all had a glitch, and yes i trashed that copy and burned another with the same result, but the glitch happend in a different place.

My OS is Win XP SP2
DVD Burner: Pioneer DVR-216DBK

Can anyone give me any guidance?

As far as bitrate, I believe the maximum is 9800kbps, and since you have to leave room for audio, you shouldn’t set video bitrate above 8000kbps.

Using variable bitrate encoding max 8000 and average 6000 bitrate for the video usually works well, but if this is a long video and you are shooting for a specific size (ie single layer dvd) you may not be able to set the bitrate that high…

Does the burned dvd play without glitches on the computer? Try playing it with VLC media player.

Perhaps you simply have a poor batch of TY. It might be unlikely, but poor quality disks slip through from every manufacturer. Try burning to different media, like Verbatim 16x and burn at either 8x or 12x.

You can get “Nero CD-DVD Speed” software (free) and check your burned disc for quality (errors), but not all burners support all the tests.