Glitches and Freezes Around Layer Break

I have the problem that I get glitches and freezes just before and after the layer break on a brim full video DVD+R DL.

Any suggestions are welcome…
Thank you Q.M. :sad:

Reathoring / Burning procedure:

  • I have a reauthored video (Lord of the Rings special extended edition) that I joined and shrinked to a full DVD+R DL.
  • I used VobBlanker to split one cell exactly in the middle (sectors for both layers nearly match ± 10)
  • I used PgcEdit to set the layer break and create an ISO
  • I used ImgBurn to write the ISO (all programs are newest versions)
  • Media: Verbatim DVD+R DL 2.4x (book type set to DVD-ROM)
  • Writer: brand new NEC ND-4570A
  • ISO and burned DVD plays flawless on PC
  • Glitches and freezes around layer break ± 90sec happen on 3(!) stand-alone players (2xSony 1xPioneer)

I believe you are asking this question in the wrong forum, as this question is nor related to the elby CloneDVD2 software program.

Any suggestions then for a better place to ask this question ???

Tanks a lot!

I seem to be having the same problems. sucks huh? Please let me know if you figure this out. Thanks.

The Sony players are notorious for having layer break problems to begin with. However, you should probably ask this in the regular DVD copying forum as it’s more of a generic question not related to CloneDVD.