Glengarry Glen Ross problem ? APS?

Trying to copy this movie and get an error when ripping gets to 99% and says something about APS Analog Protection something or another and that the program can not remove this.

How do I back this up?? I have Clone DVD, AnyDVD, Clone CD, and Nero available right now. Not any other major problems backing up close to 100 movies to this point so I am lost.

Thanks in advance.


Perchance have you provided SlySoft with a copy of the necessary .IFO files so that they can analyze them and determine exactly what the problem is with the ‘Glengarry Glen Ross’ title?

The below Forum posting provides detailed information on how and what to send SlySoft so they can do a detailed analysis and determine exactly what is happening with ‘Glengarry Glen Ross’.

Until you provide SlySoft with the necessary information as detailed in the above referenced posting SlySoft will be unable to assist you. As soon as SlySoft receives the necessary information they will quickly review the data and determine what action needs to be taken. Usually this happens with in hours after receives the necessary data.

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SNAPDEMON and bjkg,
This movie (2-disk Special Edition) was released 3 years ago today. It’s a piece of cake. There is no protection or structure on it that is anywhere near new or tough for either program. And the 99% thing is old news too.

SNAPDEMON, what versions of CloneDVD and AnyDVD are you using?

What is the text of the error message you are getting? Please write it down and post it exactly.