Gladiator Movie Problems



I am trying to backup Gladiator. I am using AnyDVD v4.3.0.1 and CloneDVD2. When using CloneDVD2 I am getting the error: “Processing Error: D:/VIDEO_TS/VTS_01_1.VOB: read error” “Data Error (Cyclic Redundancy Check) If reading the media has failed please clean the surface and try again.” and then under details it says "File 1D:/VIDEO_TS/VTS_01_1.VOB 23 TCSectorReader. Please help, Thanks.


I hope I’m wrong but I think that "“Processing Error: D:/VIDEO_TS/VTS_01_1.VOB: read error” “Data Error (Cyclic Redundancy Check)” means that the program can not copy that part of the DVD.

The movie may well still play correctly but the data can not be accurately copied so the copy fails.

I have a copy of movies where this has happened and I have had to make copy/backups from other disks.



it is a reading problem - dirt, scratch , etc. a few of my originals do not read in my liteon in certain spots, but my benq reads them fine, so sometimes it seems it just the burners ability to read :frowning:


I have copied this movie with DVD Shrink without any problems.

Excellent movie by the way. One of my all time favorites. :iagree: :bigsmile: