Gladiator: Extended Edition

Been using CloneDVD and AnyDVD for 2 years now. Currently, v. & v. respectively. just sent me my 3-disk "Gladiator: Extended Edition. (the bums didn’t include dts-ES this time). My problem is that I can’t get a perfect backup. The backup of the extended AND the theatrical versions both play through ok but I can’t get one nice little feature to work.

Upon inserting the backup into my JVC Player, I am given a version choice and I choose the Extended Version. The menu system then carries me to a (Main) menu which in turn gives me a further submenu choice entitled “Supplement”. Upon entering that menu system, I can choose the Director’s commentary (on/off) and a visual trivia track (not audio but little border-framed-info-text-caps not unlike infinifilm stuff) entitled “Are You Not Entertained?”(on/off).

The submenu on/off choices don’t work on the backup but do work on the original. In other words, when I press “on” for the trivia track, and then cursor back to check that “on” stayed on, it’s NOT bloody on. And no amount of agression on my part will make it stay on. And of course the trivia track won’t play on my DVD player. The Commentary won’t accept an “on” command from the menu either but I can override this flaw with the audio button on my remote. Not so for the Trivia track … again, it is not an audio track so there is no corresponding control from the remote.

Now, let me further complicate the issue. I’m sure that both of these features COULD be chosen from my backup’s menu if I was willing to backup to one disk to the tune of 44% compression! But that is not me, I split my originals and backup only at 100%.

I tried two different split methods:

  1. selected both TS1 and TS2 (Extended & Theatrical respectively). Kept all the little TS’s. Dumped French track and subtitles. Then split BOTH TS1 & TS2 exactly the same, at 1-14 & 15-29 … again both are split. Checked and was reassured that CloneDVD’s Preview Tab player/viewer showed exactly the same chapter-start scene and startpoint on both TS’s. Got a nice 100% readout per disk but the trivia track could not be selected and would not play. Failure with frustration.

  2. selected TS1 (Extended) only. Otherwise, the same dump & split. Got virtually the same 100% readout (obviously TS1 or TS2 are linked but are not both full-fledged movie titlesets.) Failure with a bit of anger.

Fearful of the emotional consequences of another failure, I decided to stop, rethink and ask for knowledge from you good folks. So … anyone else get it to work? Anyone else even got this DVD release? Or had a similar backup problem with another DVD release? Weird authoring! Sure would appreciate it if no helpful-harrys make “try-other-software” suggestions (love ya babe, don’t ever change though…) as I am a CloneDVD/Olli-to-the-max die hard.

Thanks and Best regards,

Afterthought: Is there a setting in Clone or Any that I should check or uncheck?

Yes, you should select all subtitle tracks.

Thanks Tru, that did it.

I reused method #1 (above post) but this time I selected the three english subtitle tracks (unsure which was the trivia track), but not other language subtitles, on CloneDVD’s second page; compression still stayed at 100%. Dumping the French soundtrack was the biggest help in avoiding the transcoder ie the subtitles didn’t add much data. So simple, of course the trivia track was a subtitle track … just wasn’t thinking clearly, I guess. Funny though, the menu’s “on/off” selections still don’t “hold” at “on” when I cursor back to check my selection but the “Are You Not Entertained?” track plays anyway. FYI, it is subtitle #4 out of 8 on my JVC changer’s remote.

So … you’re so clever … how about assessing my split#1 method above? On backup disk #2, both TS1 & TS2 start at precisely the same split-point in the movie … was I just lucky with this movie? In other words if I split the TS1 and TS2 movie versions at exactly the same place, would this method work on on all movies that have multiple versions of different lengths or other reasons to have multiple versions?

Obviously, TS1 and TS2 do not each contain the full length of the movie’s data within their standalone “selves” (no DVD-ROM could hold that much data) but instead they interact together to complete the task based on the menu-choice for which version to watch. Many movies are authored this way.

Can you or anybody really explain, in layman’s terms, how this works and how to deal best with it? You don’t have to worry about this “problem” with most backup software because you don’t see titlesets broken out to this degree of exactitude. I love CloneDVD, and the more information, the better , I say. But I don’t understand the interaction of “two version title sets”.

Thanks again and Best regards,

PS: I would like to see Olli add an additional feature to CloneDVD2: besides just a “time/length” readout to judge a Title Set’s size, add an additional readout in GB to the X.00 decimal point. For example split disk#1=Chap1-14 @ 4.33 GB and split disk#2=Chap15-29 @ 2.14 GB. Would work for dual layer assessment too. That would help so much in assessing split volumes and also trancoder destined backups and Dual-Layer break volumes.

Also add an automatic “split at the layer break feature” for no brainer dual layer or split DVD5 backups.

And add a selection for -R DL disks in the drop down menu on page one of CloneDVD