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hello any and everyone. i’m very new to this forum as this is my first post. I’ve been thoroughly researching different dvdrw± drives for the past couple weeks, and i’ve been most impressed by the NEC 2500 for a number of reasons. Price, user reviews, and the different firmware options and updates that have been developed by its users. I bought a dvd burner back about a year and a half or so when the 4x media wasnt even available and the 4x drives had just hit the stores (i had a cendyne that was a relabled pioneer). I returned it soon after i bought it. Now technology has improved, prices have dropped and it looks like a decent time to get involved. And the timing also couldnt be better for me because i have alot of stuff i need to back up.

Enough of the intro, now for the question-- i’m sure this has been asked many times before, but i havent been able to find an actual “list” of which media are the best price, and quality that will burn at 8x (tryna get the best bang for my buck…).

If someone could give a listing that rates media that will burn at 8x on the 2500a from best to worst, and also where these media can be purchased for a decent price (if you know right off hand…) it would be very much appreciated. Thanks for all your time and help in advance. Glad to be here!!! --v.


First off, Welcome to the forum!

Many different media types can now be burned at 8X with Herries’ BETA6 firmware.
As far as the “best” media is concerned, most people agree that Taiyo Yuden media has the best consistency of solid quality time and time again.
You can purchase Taiyo Yuden at many websites including

I recommend that you read through my NEC troubleshooting guide and FAQ (link in my sig) and also read through the Herrie BETA firmware thread.