Giving Up On VHS (For Now)

I purchased a Dazzle Video Creator Platinum, which uses the DVC 170 device and software. It’s simple enough, using the right and left audio and video RCA plugs (out) from the VCR, into the DVC 170 and then the DVC 170 goes into the PC via a USB connection. Easy, right?
I prefer to load the videos to hard disk first and then to DVD, which can be done. The output is a VOB file. CloneDVD2 has an option to let you get this file and then put it on the DVD but the problem is the Dazzle stuff. The program never ends. It just hangs at the end and there is no stopping it (if it’s even running). It can’t even be stopped through Task Manager.
So here’s the request, since I’ve already spent a lot of money and I still can’t get my way. I want to copy VHS to my PC so I can transfer the video to DVD. I have older tapes that need to be transferred before they break. The AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 software is excellent and will always be part of my recording software but I need something to get the VHS to a state that can be used by this software. The only output from my DVR/VCR is RCA plugs, left, right and video. What do I need here. Is there something, that when connected, can be seen by AnyDVD or CloneDVD2 as the input device. That would be so fine because then I can put it on the hard drive or straight to the DVD.

Thanks for your help…Vince

I use this…It has everything u need…except u’ll need an stereo to 1/4" or 1/8"…can’t remember…but it’s the size that you’ll use for an ipod or walkman headphones(headphone Adapter from radio shack($3)…like this…Software is included w/ the hauppauge card…i use mine all the time…

I also use my Winfast TV card, although I have only had the need to use it few times
it works great,
I save the output as a Mpeg2 and use DVD Author to make a DVD.

Picture quality is pretty good and it just doesn’t get easier.

Thank you very much. I just tried again. Loaded an entire Twilight Zone tape I had purchased from CBS back in the late 70s. I told the software to run 105 minutes. It did and then stopped (as you would expect). That’s it. It’s stopped and won’t go any further. Now…I’m a pretty smart guy and I have a lot of patience, and I know I’m not doing anything wrong, but come on…this is crazy. So back it goes to Best Buy and with the $100 it cost for this really frustrating experience, I will take your advice. In the recent past, I was hesitant about the video pci cards because I couldn’t see where the left and right audio was supposed to go. Thanks for that info on the adapter.
Here’s the biggy question and then I will leave everyone alone. Once I’ve successfully loaded the video to the hard drive, will AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 be able to see this format and allow me to transfer it to DVD? This, of course, was the whole purpose of the task.

Thanks so much…Vince

I use an old Dazzle DVC 80 connection and then use NeroVision Express software. You can put it on your HDD or burn it directly to DVD media.

No need to leave us alone, Vince ;). The forum is always open to help people with their difficulties; especially someone who describes the problems so well :flower:.

Sorry to hear you couldn’t get on with the PC capture device. They don’t suit everyone and since you’ve got a LOT of stuff to transfer, I tend to favour the suggestion you had from TCAS in your other thread: that once you’ve got your money back, buying a DVD recorder may be the easiest answer. That way you don’t have these hassles since the machine just records whatever is fed to it, in a DVD-Video compliant way.

As an aside, the burning capabilites of CloneDVD are only part of its purpose, and I’m sure it will work with a VOB file. You could test it by ripping a commercial DVD video using the freeware DVD Decrypter, then try to open the resulting VOB file with CloneDVD. Of course if you get a DVD recorder then this aspect won’t be needed.

when u put it on the HD from the vhs tape…it’ll most likely be in mpeg II format…you’ll have to run it through something like Nero Vision Express or tmpg dvd author an authoring app to make the files to compliance…or vob’s…then use nero or whatever app to burn it to a dvd…:slight_smile: