Giving name to media



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I want to give a name to media that i want to burn. that why i insert the name to nISOTrack.Name (nISOTrack of type NeroISOTrack).
When I’m inserting that media into drive, i can see on windows explorer that media named with same name that I gave it.
Now, I try to read that name through NeroCom (for media that I gave it a name already). How can i do it?

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When I start burning, i insert title as a parameter into “BurnIsoAudioCD” (I didn’d close media) but when I tried to see that title after burning through CDInfo(), I can’t see that title. It’s returning that title is “”.

what is the problem???


CDInfo gets only the CD Text title, which I think you don’t set if the disc is burnt. Anyway this is not what you want to have.
To receive the volume label (even the name of the track) you will have to import the track you want to have the name for: ImportIsoTrack(…) and then check the VolumeName property of NeroImportDataTrackInfo.


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