Giving credit where credit is due

Note the article date:
Note the posting date:

Now, I would pretty much bet on my mother’s grave that the news submit I sent CDFreaks went through. I know I’m probably not that popular with the staff or whatever, but at least give some damn credit where you should.

As you can read when submitting news, your news submit can be deleted. This has nothing to do with anything personal, honestly I don’t think many editors will even know you but each editor decides by himself if the story is interesting or not and can delete it whenever he/she feels like.

It could have been that one editor deleted your story, after that more submits came in and another editor decided to post the story. Giving credit is important to us as it’s the visitors who make our site as it is, but this is how it works and we hardly get any complaints. When you have submitted news we bring this to the attention of you as well.

Another possibility is that other people submitted the news before you, but this was not yet posted (but in the news submit queue). Usually the first submitter then gets the credit.

Getting all upset like this won’t get you anywhere. We give credit where credit is due, regardless any personal opinions.

I posted the news item so I feel obliged to comment on this. I honestly didn’t see your submit cmr3000x. I also didn’t notice the forum thread on this issue because else I would have linked to it in the news item. We pretty much always link to the forum from a news item since the forum is the best way to discuss things. So, I’m sorry but I overlooked it. I have no problems with any of our members here so I have absolutely no reason not to give credits to someone. I hope this clears out any misunderstandings. If you feel the need to discuss this further, contact me via PM.

Wow, thanks Dennis! Seriously…thank you for just posting that. Erm…ya…that’s all I wanted to hear :).

I <3 Dennis.