Giving a name to the cd

Hello friends,
I want to give name to the cd wich i burn. I am able to give the name to cd if i am burning mp3 cd. But if i am burning audio cd or video cd how do i give the name to the cd. By ‘name’ i mean the one which is displayed with the cd drive when we open ‘My Computer’.
Please can anyone help me in this case.
Thank you

What software are you using will help us anwer your post.

thanks for replying,
I am using NeroCom and i have created an application which burns cd mp3 and videos. so when i create mp3 i am able to specify name using :
nIsoTrack.Name = “TestMp3Cd”; (nIsoTrack is the instance of NeroISOTrack)
Now when i am burning video cd i want to specify the name so pls help me.
Thank you
Waiting for ur reply