Given up on B & M media



The thing is that I really prefer -R due to the applications that I use my media for.


who’s worse a gamer or a movie addict, answer

both of the above





A PIF maximum of 10x at 8ECC scanning?

U need to spend more time in the Media forums or perhaps … Are you a virgo? They’re supposed to be perfectionists :slight_smile:

It could easily be that you got 1-2 PIF for each sample in the 8ECC block, or more to the point, an average of 1.25 PIF for each sample in your little 10 PIF molehill, which you consider a mountain.

The chance that you get a 4 or higher peak is pretty low, especially when the majority of those 8ECC PIF levels are well-under 4, meaning an average of less than 0.5 per sample.

The fact that your PI is so low & your PIF is also less than 16, suggests those discs are fine & have just have no idea how to read these graphs.


been there and done that, admit I am picky, but as a mod in another forum for burning and media I have been accused of having rediculous standards, I caught this disease
here tho.


Have ya scanned it on a 1ECC burner (litey/sony) ?
Scans look much nicer … superficially …


I almost bought a litey, but waited a month or two for my benq, decided I wanted something that could burn well too!