Given up on B & M media



got burned on verbatim from bestbuy, all sony is MIT


Retail Verbatim has been wonderful for me. Oh well.


tyg02 same burners same firmware same burn speed(8x)
pif totals 50-250

mcc 004 first 2 disks pif totals in thousands

least I only bought 25 this time


I use the B & M for stuff I don’t care about. I got a lot of that, so it comes in handy since it doesn’t have to last. But for my good stuff online I also feel is the best way to go.


There’s a huge difference (10 cent per disc) between the printable - & +. + might be more compatible with standalone players but is that the only advantage over -?


I think you should focus less on PIF totals and focus on PIF max and most of all, disc playability.


It is known fact that -R is the most compatible with “Standalone” players that is why when you are using +R for copying you want to make sure it is set to DVD-ROM to be compatible with standalones.


I used to be that way, but have become more particular after replacing
over 100 older burns, to each his own. Playabilty? :Z
PIF totals below mid hundreds or down in 2 digits :iagree:


As mentioned above the compatibility partially depends on being able to set the booktype to DVD-ROM. Even so, I would say that the -R (provided you use quality media) are just a hair more compatible overall. That and the -R do have an edge in the videogame console field for compatibility. The reason why + is so widely used (at least on this forum) is because they tend to fair better in error rate scans. That being said, a quality disc of either format usually scans quite well. All a matter of preference IMHO as by and large there is no real difference provided you use quality media.


I had 3 verbatims bitsett in my last batch that scanned mid 90’s but wouldn’t play in any settop player, can’t get any more incompatible than that.


What speed were they? MID?


mcc 004 mit bestbuy?
and the disks played in the computer fine

probably something in the leadin area was hosed from the start?

very flackey and mysterious

burned 150 sony yuden t02’s w/o incident same drives


yeah, it happened to me too, but mine were inkjet printable retail verbatim bought at sams club. MCC04, if you hit a good batch, you will love it. But if you hit a bad batch, you would think you bought a fake Verbatim Spindle, the PI peaks float around 800 high, the PIF floats around 12 and peaks at 40. 2 spindles of 100 each, both from Sams Club in Hawaii (main island) were coasters. Regardless of which burners I used, NEC 3500, NEC 3540, BenQ 1620, and BenQ 1640, all were coasters. So be careful with Verbatim even if you buying retail.


Well this sucks. What am I going to do when the supply of TYG02 runs low?


A guy told me to look at Big Lots for sony MIJ yuden T02’s, 32C a disk?


I think it’s a bit unreasonable to panic over one user’s “bad experience” (and I use that term loosely, since PIF total isn’t an issue if the max value is less than 4) with one spindle of MCC004…


looking at the mcc 004 scans lately I am seeing a lot of this crap
I used to get some of my best scans with this mid rivaling TYG’s and Yuden T02’s


How is the read transfer on that disc?


I have a 25 pack from BB, they are very bad, same as rbrtpl.


I gave the durn disk away, wasn’t a keeper

if enough people start raising enough cain then maybe verbatim will tighten up on quality control like they said they would