Give us your Stereotypical images!

Well…the topic said’s it all…

  1. America/Americans - Rich, powerful and greedy… :bigsmile:

  2. Computer programmers - lazy, nerdy, and non-presentable…lol

now, give us yours…we all want to hear from u guys!!!..or gurls!! :wink:

  1. African Americans - Black
  2. Foreigners - Lazy not-working-but-accepting-social-security-money people
  1. Business men - Like to kiss ass and betray you to pinch the last penny out of you

  2. True musicians - Laidback and weird

  3. MSN addicts - IQ < 100, slutty

8.Farmers: thick ears and a bony face, drive <40km/u
9.Jews: own all TV related companies and diamond businesses
10.Africans: give them a machine gun and you’ll have a civil war
11.Texans: All in the oil pumping business, always chew on a straw when they speak
12.Muslims: Intolerant bastards wanna take over the world with their crappy sharia-law

  1. Jinxed number
  1. Irish people- a bunch of drunks
  2. Hispanics- can fit 20 people in a 2 bedroom apartment
  3. Asians- all good at math
  4. Arabs- all terrorists
  5. Bi-sexuals- confused; pick a gender/sexual orientation
  6. Italians- all in the mob
    20a. Black/ African American- lazy, sit at home collecting welfare, getting high, neglecting their kids
    20b.Black immigrant- cab driving, non bathing, no sock wearing…
  1. Southerners -all own a tractor .wear over alls. and have little or no schooling…
  2. Blondes- dumb and ditzy
    23.Young Professionals- don’t know anything so therefore don’t listen to them …their new ideas might save time and make sense…

Asians- all good at math

lol…i wish i was…well not asian cos i am asian…i want the “good” part :bigsmile:

politicians, lawyers - bloody liers…
indians - all speak with funny accent and like those tellemarketers…hehe…
women nurses and women policeman - woof, woof, woof!!! :wink:

  1. Construction Workers- Fat slobs who whistle at woman & keep showing the crack of there a**
  2. Old Hippies- Burn outs

bikers who wear leather are members of hell’s angels…

girls who go to church are goodie two shoes…

young african americans in their 18-25 rollin on 24"+chrome in a new SUV or Cadillac sell crack.

  1. Scotsman

Usually either this:

Or this:

…and still live at home with mommy.

  1. The Netherlands, you can buy weed on every corner of a street

women studying something in IT, or enginnering -> ugly looking
the gurls in my engineering/comp sci well…not only that…but kinda like tom-boys…

expections -> the one’s on cd-freaks, especially…well u…know the one who always try’s to catch everyone’s attention… :wink:

do we need to carry this to the Don’t you Hate thread??? :iagree: dear…i’m not out for attention…i’ve got all i want or need…with Numbers… :smiley:

I think someone needs a visit. :iagree:

  1. The Netherlands, hookers on every corner…selling weed… :iagree:

do we need to carry this to the Don’t you Hate thread??? dear…i’m not out for attention…i’ve got all i want or need…with Numbers…

hey…take it easy…i’m only joking… :bigsmile: …well sorri if i did offend u…k that sound’s sarcastic but it ain’t suppose to…

dutch - drugs addict