Give us advice on purchase, oh great sages



Relative Newbie wants practical advice on purchase. I have Plextor 708A running on a P4 with 1Gig of ram and plenty of hard drive(S). I REALLY need to speed things up. I do long form video and usually need multiple copies for clients. Tying up my computer for a day or two to make copies sucks. I wish to use printable media also. My software includes Encore 1.5, Nero 6 Ultra, and Roxio Easy CD/DVD Creator.

Should I add another, faster (different) internal DVD burner, an external faster burner, different software (remember that I am Exporting from an editing timeline) and what duplicator will produce consistant results maybe making two copies from one at a time that are printable?

Thank you in advance, and I hope that the resident guru Kenshin weighs in on this. Kum-sa-meda (I’m sure that’s spelled wrong) in advance :bow:


hods (hisowndamnself), aka, me, aka steve


With a faster burner, you may cut 4 minutes from the burn time when copying a 4.3 GB chunk of data. But you must use QUALITY media, and the faster burn speed may not be compatible with some players. I would say 8X write speed is about right for your application.

Note that the PC can only supply so much data to each DVD burner. Burning more than two DVDs at the same time can cause problem. You can purchase a DVD duplicator machine to clone DVDs.


The best way to produce many copies of the same disc is to use a DVD-Duplicator.
There are duplicators for 1reader-1writer 1reader-2writers 1-3 1-4 to 1-7.
I dont know how it is outside of Japan but you can have duplicator cases where you have to buy your own drives giving you the possibility to choose what ever reader and writer you want.