Give Rylex some feedback



I think (almost) everybody knows about the Garfield/Blindwrite comics, made by Alex.

He’s doing a great job (my opinion) trying to amuse us (for free).

Although there are a lot of views at his comics … only a hand full are giving him feedback. :frowning: :sad:

The more feedback, the better the comics will get (because he’ll get to know what we like) … so go over here and read the comics (year 2005! ;)) and give him some feedback … good/bad doesn’t matter as long as you’re being honest. :iagree:

For some background read the comics of 2003 and 2004 also. :iagree:


Namoh, you have become a postwhore. :smiley:


nice usertitle Namoh:p


I thought Sexy_Southerner had that title already? :confused: :wink:


great IDEA to post this thread BTW.

Hope this helps.


I really love it :iagree: … you’re jealous right!! :smiley:

*2 posts in a row … just to prove cmr3000x wrong :wink: *


Prove what wrong?

Whore. :stuck_out_tongue:

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no comment :stuck_out_tongue:


Mmmmmmmmmmm, do you think that that fits after “Close to ban for nagging”??


Who! what where you nagging for, a custom title?

Smells like the work of that no-good punk Da_Taxman


Haha sounds like someone more wants a custom title :wink:


I used too, but now I see they can go either way :wink:


Mmmmmmmmmm, this thread seems to go a bit off-topic. :wink:


I hope this says enough!

Now go read those comics and GIVE YOUR FEEDBACK! :iagree: :iagree: :iagree:


New comic .

Read it and GIVE YOUR FEEDBACK. :iagree:


Whoa whoa , calm down… If someone constantly asks for feedback, within a week he will be called an attention whore.


Alex has posted a few great comics the last week … give him some feedback (good/worse as long as you’re honest), maybe the girls can give him some feedback too.

I think he’ll appreciate it. :iagree:


What I said. :slight_smile:


I thought I would kick this thread up, because the feedback has been terrible lately.

Come on guys (and girls) check out those comics, they’ll make you laugh and after you stopped laughing give Alex your honest feedback.


I’m a comicoholic… very very good indeed keep up the good work. Any chance or
adapting DILBERT as one of your comics?.