Give me good firmware for LDW-411S

Hey guys, my first post in need of help too…

I have had this coaster maker for a while. I updated the firmware for this LDW-411S to FS0K like a year ago, and since then it has been making some beautiful coasters. According to Lite-ON this is the newest and best firmware, and I hate to disagree on that since it reads/recognizes about 1 out of 15 brands burned or blanks.

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I have already read some of the sticky’s here, but haven’t found a post of all the firmwares for this burner.

Help Me plZ
Can anyone send me, share a link with me for any previous firmware for this model. Whatever you wana call it without banning me from these forums for asking this question.

Here is what I got: ldw-411s

thx :bigsmile:

Well what version of O/S are you running? And have you tried to do a google search for your unit to see if there are other firmware on the liteon global site?

Crossflash to LDW-811S.

Do like kg_evilboy said and just crossflash it to a LDW-811S or even better yet just get a new drive
and at the cheap prices they are selling for now days and for better firmware support you’d probably
be better off to get a new one. :wink:

And if you still love that drive ([I]nostalgia, because 401S was my first DVD burner[/I]), try to import new 16x media write strategies with MCSE or OmniPatcher. :wink:
Good luck.

[B]Edit.[/B] A friend here PM’d and asked me to point that you’ll only be able to burn at max 8x when on 811S firmware no matter what write strategies you import. :wink:

Thats alot of time to spend on a drive that at best will have no clue about any of the new media you will buy. I agree crossflash to an 811. Unfortunatly I have an 811. I have not found any media beyond old 4x ricoh that burn passably. Not good just passable. Maybe there is a write strategy that can work but you will burn alot of time and coasters before you burn a decent disk. $30 at newegg makes the probs go away. I’m cheaper than most and I still feel the $55 I spent on my benq was an outstanding investment. Keep the old drive as a toy/backup/reader.