Girl tortured 'for being a witch'



In London for crying out loud, and by her own family

An eight-year-old girl was tortured and about to be killed after being accused of being a witch, the Old Bailey heard.

The court was told the Angolan girl was put in a bag and was to be thrown into a river before the attack was stopped.

The child’s aunt, 38, and Sita Kisanga, 35, both from London, deny conspiracy to murder and several counts of child cruelty dating from November 2003.

Sebastian Pinto, 33, and Kiwonde Kiese, 21, both of Stoke Newington, deny aiding and abetting child cruelty.

throw away the fci** key


you know when you’ve had a nose bleed? well ever had to pull a great big bogey out afterwards?


Thats some evil shit.


Some people do not deserve to be classed as human - ok, they physically are the same, but the definition of a human in my book should be re-written to discount those people whose brains are wired so wrong - they are human trash. Politically correct people will say - give them some help, feel sorry for them - I say f**k them.


And I thought this stuff only happened in the US


There is plenty of evil all around the world.


If my mum thought about witches the way these people do I’d have been tyed up in a bag and drowned long ago, it just shows how the world could have been totally different.


I bet they are some religious nuts!!! The world would be a better place with out half of them.


“The world would be a better place with out half of them”

I say without all of them


Hmm, I wouldn’t say that all religion is a bad thing.


Yer religion gives people hope…then again it does count for more than half on the world wars.


You see, I’m sure that nowhere in any sane religion would it suggest to do something like this. This is a stupid interpretation by a complete psycho.


In todays day and time I’m not so sure of that.


Well, if something like this is actually written into any religion, it is extremely stupid and sick.


Why do religious nuts say it’s ok to blow up abortion clinics? :confused:


These people take it too far. Plus, they are making a mockery of the rule of “Do not kill” in the bible.