Girl Next Door DVD: problems

I’ve searched around but to no avail. Does anyone know about issues with playing The Girl Next Door Unrated DVD in DVD-burner drives, or just in general? I thought it didn’t play just because I tried it in my burner first, but then I try it on a different computer with a regular old Samsung DVD player and it doesn’t work there either. I also used Slysoft’s AnyDVD on the comp with the burner drive, but it didn’t help.

Any suggestions/solutions?

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When you say the DVD doesn’t play, is this because the disc is not even recognised by the drive, or because there’s an error message from the DVD playing software? Will it play in a standalone DVD player?

If you could provide a few more details, like where you bought this DVD from, then that might be helpful.

Thanks. What I mean is that the disc is not recognized at all. It has actually caused WinXP to stall a few times because it tries to autorun but can’t actually find the disc to do so. And yes, it does play in a standalone, except there are a few scratches that caused some stalling in the standalone. The DVD is from Target.

Hmmm… the disc sounds rather suspect. I presume it’s a commercial pressed DVD (silver playing surface) and not a copy of some kind (purple surface)?

Can you take it back to the store and exchange it?

Or maybe not even purple, is there any chance it’s a bootleg of any kind? I’ve seen some bootleg DVDs that look just like pressed ones but barely read at all. There aren’t any nasty “IFPI” logos in the center, are there?

Since when has [B]Target[/B] been selling bootleg DVD’s ! :confused:

Whoops, totally missed that!

Yeah, how about an exchange.