GigRec Burned CD.... Is This Normal?

Burn was 950.54 megs of files. Wanted to backup some data files to test it out. It took about 28 minutes to complete, and said successful. Now, this is what confuses me…is it normal?

This was scanned using the Premium drive. I haven’t tested the files to see if they’re readable, but by the looks of that pic, I wouldn’t think it would be. But then again, it could just be how GigaRec burns the info on the cd that is causing it to look like that. Your thoughts? :wink:

This is Gigarec on Taiyo Yuden.

Yours is indeed very bad

hmm, yours is much nicer than mine :stuck_out_tongue: i wonder why mine came out so bad. i have version 1.02 firmware, using the latest plextools. even burned with plextools…using imation cdr’s (which so far have the 2nd best results in C1’s from what i’ve tested). I’ve tested memorex (last), tdk (3), maxell (best), imation (2). and that gigarec burn was only 950 megs. horrible results :frowning: any ideas?

hehe, ran it again, and go different results on same cd. look at my max C1 hit :stuck_out_tongue:

Here some results for Plextor certified 48x media and Gigarec 1.2

not bad huh

haldol, what gigarec setting was that set at? and how much data did you burn?

as soon as i get a chance (4x is long time :p) i’m gonna burn something @ 1.4x on a maxell (plextor certified) and see what the results are. i’ll post them when i do :slight_smile:

That was the 1.2 Gigarec setting with Plextor media made by Taiyo Yuden (it has the Plextor logo on it).

These are the best cd’s I ever used.

burned another one, except with different settings this round. used a maxell 700mb cdr @ 907 megs with a 1.3x gigarec setting. results are much better, that’s for sure (just not great). gonna try this media with a 1.4x later on. here’s the results: