Gigatain 8x Dvd-r Any Good?

I was just wanting to know if this media on sale at is any good or not. And how is it with the NEC 3540 and Phillips LSK Drives


Too cheap to by “good” IMO.
But the only way to know if they are good is to try them.

i have sold these in the past many returns from consumers. last batch had fake tyg code. not very good to say the least.

Liberty do you have sold/try Infiniti brand ? Are they good ?

I sold some infiniti brand a long time ago. But i find its priced at the same price as verbatim(A BRAND)but the brand is not famous so consumers dont buy. im terms of quality they are the same as any other “b” / “c” brand but the price is “a” brand price.

The rule of thumb is if they are very cheap price they usually are crap discs…
Try some TY or verbatim discs and you wont be dissapointed…

But this forum becomes totally pointless if the response is just “buy TY” every time, doesn’t it?

Nein, nein, nein! :wink:
Gigatain have been using discs with faked MCC or TY codes in the past. They were often Made in Macau.
Genuine Verbatim is quite affordable nowadays so I think the price is not a big issue anymore.

It’s your prerogative :bigsmile: . Personally, I like Verbatim. :wink:

This forum [B]never[/B] becomes pointless , a lot of people here use other “non-TY or Verbatim” brands like CMC or Daxon , and alot other can’t find TY or Verbatim in their countries so they come here to ask :slight_smile:
Even with TY media , there are variations either in speed or quality , CMC made Verbatim and Prodisc-made Verbatim , so it is always point[B]full[/B] forum :bigsmile:

I don’t find this forum pointless, despite the leanings towards TY. I’ve learned an amazing amount of things here.

And I too use Verbatim, Infiniti, TY, and whatever else I can get my paws on (except Ritek DVD media!). :wink:

Ditto Arachne - Ive learnt a LOT of things here, so to say this forum is pointless is ridicilous. I’ve used Maxell (Japan), Verbatim (MBI, CMC and Prodisc), Ritek DVD, Sony DVD. Although TY is the best, you can see that many of us use a wide variety of media for our needs.

The first warning sign is that the ad claims it is “A” grade media. With decent media, ads do not make any mention of the grade - they don’t need to. Mostly only crap media states “A” or “AAA” grade or such.

I would say avoid it.
Media which uses Fake RITEK, MCC and TY codes or B/C -grade MBIL disc’s.

Yup and the fact that it claims to be Mitsubishi but distributed by a German plant? I have yet to hear of any authentic Mitsubishi Chemicals media that comes from Germany.

It is not really German! Gigatain actually resells MIHK or MIMO media, repackaged in Germany. :frowning:

These Gigatain “Made in Macau” with fake MID "YUDEN00-T02"
had [B]the [U]worst[/U] rating in the test published by the german c’t magazine [/B] (around june 2005)
“MediuMRare” reported this test at CDRLabs here in this long post:

I use to say that these Gigatain are not even blank medias made in Macau: this place has only casinos
and [I][B]they just recycle … old “plastic coins” coming from their casinos ![/B][/I]

ODS – Optical Disc Service GmbH, Dassow – Germany, is the company behind the Gigatain brand. They are suppose to have a capacity of 300.000.000 DVD’s and 650.000.000 CD’s per year. :eek: :eek:

In the past I have had Gigatain DVD’s with the following MID’s:

[/li][li]VDSPMSAB 01
[/li][li]RITEK R03
BTW: At the time being it is not illegal to “borrow” a MID in Germany.

But I guess if you want media of higher quality, the best thing is to stick with other brands/manufacturers. :iagree:

Is it actuall’y illega’l to borrow a MI’D anywhere?
(Sorry, couldn’t resist.)