Gigastorage or Verbatims?

Has anyone heard of “Gigastorage”?
A shop is selling their media as “MaxData” DVD-R and is said to be GIGASTORAGE with media code: GSC003.

For the same price i can get Verbatims DVD-R with code of MCC.

Which should i get? I hear Verns are at the very top with Taiyo Yudens but how about Gigastorage/Maxdata?? Anything i should know? Maybe not take the risk and just get the Verbs?

If you can get Verbatim for the same price as Gigastorage, absolutely go for the Verbatims!! The long term prospects of Gigastorage are unknown at this time, and there’s really no reason to take a risk with them :slight_smile:

What [buck] said - couldn’t agree more :iagree:

As long as the Verbs are MIT or MIS go for Verbatim MCCs. If they are MII, look for other quality media.

Verbatim Made in India, from what I’ve seen, is still better than 90% of the media out there.

Yep, I agree, I think MII Verbs are demonized a little too much around here. Sure, there may be a higher failure rate than MIT, but most of the time I’m sure they’re quite good. I’d consider choosing MII over MIT by Prodisc :eek:

I’d definitely take the MII Verbs over Gigastorage - I never had problems with them (which is lucky because all I can find over here is MII Verbs, for the most part). :slight_smile:

Prodisc Verb DVD media I don’t think I’ve seen over here :eek:

This whole thing with the different factories producing MCC media is pretty funny. Originally, people were complaining about them being made anywhere other than Singapore, with the CMC media taking the brunt of the ire, and Prodisc was seen as better. Now with 16x CMC seems to have taken top honors while Prodisc and Moser Baer switch places as the least favorites. Personally, it all seems good to me, though I’ve never used MII Verbatims.

Well teh Verbs i can get are not your normal ones.
they are “OEM” packed in a spindle with a white label. They are full face printable too…

while the gigastorage i can get are Maxdata DVD-R and ive heard they are just as good as Verbs and TY…

Well, that’s false. They do a pretty good job as cheap media, but Verbatim is so darn cheap these days there’s no reason to buy Gigastorage.

oh ok. i was told that the gigastorage: GSC003 are as good as Verbs! :S

The Verbs i can get are OEM: anything wrong with these ones?

I dont want TY casue if i was to get TY i’d hav to buy the “OEM” versions and arent full printable.

That looks like Verbatim product #94854, the full-face printable 8x DVD-R. I have two spindles of those and they are excellent media.

ok thanks.
but why do they sell OEM? I mean they should make their retial spindles full face printable, but this is only found with their OEM spindles :S

ive read mroe and learnt that gigastorage have had a bad past, selling fake codes. but from what ive read eleswhere the GSC0003 media are just as good as Verbs and TY, but i cant find any info like that on this forum.

I have no idea why Verbatim doesn’t sell full face printables in retail packaging in AU or the US when they do in Europe. I guess they’re considered “professional” media and so you have to order them online unless you can find a local place that carries them.

Gigastorage are without doubt one of the best “cheap” discs on the market. While not as good as MCC or TY they are better than most other second tier discs. Gigastorge also use AZO dye. I also understand that they only make 8x DVD-R discs.

Gigastorage make 16X -R, 8X/16X +R as well. I can find them under MAXMAX, Cursor, white OEM brands here. Good quality 8X -R GSC003 can produce excellent PI/PO score. However, MCC/Veb is superior to most Taiwan makers.

I’ve just reburned 100% of my 4x -R GSC001 as they had all suffered from degradation problems even though they were stored properly once burnt. Oldest goes back to around April 2004

Without the LiteOn burner in my sig I wouldn’t have been able to recover some of them as it read discs that my other drives failed too. I’m not impressed because 6 months ago I had occasion to have to restore files from them when a Raid 5 array went belly up and they were all readable then and although I didn’t do any scans at the time I didn’t notice any slow downs during reading and copying files to HDD.

Another recent HDD failure had me looking through all my archived discs again and then I noticed some would not read back, slowdowns etc. So I scanned all of my archived discs and noticed severe degradation on all GSC001.

Luckily what I couldn’t read from degraded discs I was able to recover from HDD with recovery software so I haven’t lost anything except considerable time in scanning/testing and reburning about 1TB of data.

The 8x -R GSC003 are holding up much better for the same time period, but they too are suffering from degradation problems.

Conclusion: The GSC discs are one of the better cheap discs but they do have a limited lifespan. I wouldn’t trust any older than 2 years now. I used to have a lot of respect for these discs, hence why I used so many. They burn really well but fall over in time :frowning:

Buy the Verbatims in preference even if the cost is a lot more. I’m not saying don’t buy Gigastorage discs but only do so if they’re very cheap and used for short term and unimportant use.

I’ve burnt GSC001 and GSC002’s from around 2 years ago (June 2004) and no significant degradation. Some decent scans from my Benq…

I’ll keep checking on them. Actually many of mine had slowdowns near the end right after burning. I was using NEC 2510.

I would be interested in the MID code for the + gigastorage discs. I have never seen any or even heard of any + discs by GSC.
How do the + GSC discs compare to the - discs?

I’ve never encountered the +R variant either but AFAIK the MID is GSC-503 for the 8x. The Gigastorage brands or brands that traditionally use GSC MID’s ie Record, MaxMax, Maxdata, Databank etc have either not been available in +R or when they have they’ve been Sony D11 at least in Australia.