Gigastorage or Infodisc discs?

I believe Gigastorage and Infodisc are still pressing CDR’s. I was just wondering how I can get my hands on some of these discs. Are there any online retailers selling these? Or can I contact them directly and get some from them.

I bought a 50 pack of Gigastorages discs sometime in 1999/2000 (branded under the “Cursor” name). They’ve held up well to this day. If anyone gets some, you’ll like how great they perform. I’ve never tried the Infodisc brand, but would like to see how well they hold up.

Another brand I’m looking to try sometime would be Leads. Princo is garbage. Good for short term use, but don’t expect to store stuff on them long than two years.

Anyways, any help with finding where to get some Gigastorage or Infodisc CDR’s is definitely appreciated. Thanks!

Is there any reason you’re not willing to settle for some quality Taiyo Yuden CD-Rs that are proven to last? Using CD-Rs from any of these 3rd-tier Taiwanese manfacturers is just plain risky.

Hi Buck,

I agree with you regarding quality discs. But I’m also into trying out different brands. The Gigastorage discs worked for me. I mostly used them for mix CD’s, so I’m alright if the music fades. Surprisingly though, one of my first Gigastorage burns still plays the same today as it did when I burned it in 2000.

I don’t mind being risky when it comes to using discs for quick music mixes. My most important stuff (usually computer files) are saved on Taiyo Yudens.

Maybe I’ll just contact Gigastorage directly. Same as with InfoDisc. We’ll see what happens there.

Well, I have not seen anything Infodisc that seemed worth taking a risk on. I’ve seen many GSC (Gigatorage) burn scans that were VERY impressive, ones that looked like scans from a very good batch of MCC003. However, I cannot testify to their durability; if they have lasted for you, go Gigastorage and forget Infodisc for sure.

I had old Gigastorage Azo dye CD-R from 2001 which have held up very well, much better than expected! :slight_smile:
But nowadays I would use Taiyo Yuden only, because the production might have changed.

I bought some NEC branded cd-r discs which were Gigastorage. Burnt well.

Phthalocyanine or Azo?

Thanks for the info folks. I appreciate it. Yeah, Gigastorage has held up quite well over the years for me. I wrote an email to their website last night. It may take awhile, but hopefully I’ll find out if they can send me some fresh blanks directly. I’ll keep you posted on the progress.


it is not a bad idea to have other media besides Yuden or Mitsubishi. I have a small home stereo thingy, that refuses to read nearly any type of CD-R. TY fails, MCC fails, CMC fails. Some old 40x Sony discs work. These aren’t the best discs concerning errors (I already had one of them unreadable), but these are the most compatible ones I own, they work on the crappiest CD players.
Kprobe reports:

Disc Type                           	CDR (B-)             
Manufacturer                        	SONY Corporation
Material                            	Phthalocyanine
Media ID                            	97:24:15
Length                              	79:59:74
Capacity                            	702,80 MB
Free Size                           	702,80 MB
Free Blocks                         	359847


Already tried Fornet? (I heard that they are still using Azo.)
What about MAM-A? Oh yes, I don’t give up the hope that they are still a little bit Mitsui.

The NEC Gigastorage discs was both AZO and Cyanine. So a mix of both Dyes.

As for Gigastorage, I just received a reply from them regarding the availability of their blank media. They no longer sell in America, but did at one point. I had suggested they export their product to outlets such as Bestbuy and Circuitcity. They have taken my suggestion into consideration, so we’ll see what happens there.

It’d be excellent to see their product return to shelves here if it happens. There’s too much CMC/Ritek rebranded media locally. I’d rather fork my money over for Gigastorage brand because I know how well it performs. Now, if others could see that this is good media, the company might stand a chance of steady sales here in the states.

As for Infodisc, I haven’t received a reply yet.