GigaRec help please

Ok, I just got my drive. First time using PlexTools. And I enabled GigaRec, and it shows 1397 MB or 159:04.71 for the 1.4x when I click Disc Info. Is that right? If this is correct, then I had opened nero after doing this, and loaded some music to copy, and in the compilation info, it shows 110:39.64 or 1117MB. why would it be 1117MB’s and 110:39 min? when the GigaRec capacity is something like 112 min @ 984 MB right? Anyway, when I try to burn that setup, it says not enough space. Any ideas? Any help getting this to work will be much appreciated :slight_smile:

also, for the 1.0x setting, it shows 998MB 113:37.62. why is that? should be 700 MB

See if this thread helps

yeah, i saw that. still can’t get it to work. thanks though.

but still, anyone have info why it’s reading the cdr info wrong? i’ve tried 2 brands, and it did the same to both. also, i’m using v1.01 firmware.

Once I disabled “Ignore Media Type” in Alcohol it worked for me. If you have CCD running in the System Tray right click the icon and uncheck “Hide CDR Media”. Since I do not have CCD running in the System Tray I am ok.

This is what I mean by wrong CDR info. Look at the figures it’s reading from my cdr’s. I’ve tried 4 brands, and all do this. So something is wrong.

I called tech support, and even he didn’t know why. He told me to run the self-test, which I did… and it passed. I’m able to burn normal though, just can’t use the GigaRec feature (which is why I bought the drive) :frowning: So hopefully when I call back tomorrow, we can fix this.

oh, and it’s not that i’m doing anything wrong to get it to burn in nero. it’s something else, because it won’t even burn using the plextools and gigarec :frowning: just thought i’d add that :stuck_out_tongue:

lol, lesson learned :Q ok, i had installed alcohol a while back, but never used it… so i figured the hide cdr crap wasn’t checked. well, i ended up finding it, and unchecking it, and it fixed my problems :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: even fixed the bad reporting of cdr info

ok, now to get nero to work with gigarec. do i have to enable overburn in the preferences? if so, how many minutes over? if not, the for some reason nero won’t work. plextools is now though.

Just set the overburn capacity in Nero to the exact length that GigaRec gives you in PlexTools Pro.