Gigarec and VCD Recording

Can’t I make a VCD with Plextools and Gigarec ?

It seems a pity that you can only use Gigarec for audio and data.

Plextools seems to be limited in the type of cds you can create.

You should be able to do it with a combination of nero and plextools (Plextools running transparent).

First start plextools (with your empty media in the tray), then make your gigarec settings. Now minimize (do not exit) your plextools window. Start nero and author/copy your vcd. Remember to enable “overburn” with a suitable value in nero.

Beer_DOG, Thanks for this. I burned a VCD almost 96min long on a 80min maxell disc. No errors and plays until the end of the movie in my Panasonic DVD player. :slight_smile:

I emailed Plextor Japan and they did not even bother to reply… so much for good service !

You da :bow: man !

Im glad I could help :bigsmile: , just keep in mind, there are several boundaries. I once did try to build an 1GB+ vcd image with “vcdeasy”, but it wasen’t able to build an image that large. I belive the limit is around 999 Mb. But I did succeed in, Authoring a 107 minutes’ vcd with nero. But it dosen’t play in my stand-alone player, only in the premium drive.

Your stand-alone player might also be limited in some way. Perhaps you should have a look at this thread: Gigarec read compatibility although it’s not about creating vcd’s.