GigaRec 1.2x Taiyo Yuden CD-R not reading in Plextor Premium

Anything I can do? The disc isn’t reading in the Plextor Premium drive (the very drive that created this disc) now. Is this feature guarenteed to work on authentic TY discs? This part of why I wish finer settings, like 1.1x, 1.05x, or 1.03x were allowed. I would be able to write 760 MB without much problems then. I really wonder why the settings 1.1x or 0.9x don’t exist, yet the bigger ones do…

In my opinion this is because GigaRec was more intended as a marketing gimmick than for practical purposes, and the higher the numbers the better!

I agree wholeheartedly that the finer GigaRec settings (between 1x and 1.2x) would be much more useful, because compatibility would be much better. It has been almost impossible for me to burn any CD-R at 1.3x GigaRec and then read the whole disc in other readers and CD players, and 1.2 is problematic too.

I don’t know why you have this problem with TY media.

I’ll try it again one day. These discs do read fine in other drives that can read GigaRec 1.2x discs, including when I used CMC & Moser Baer India discs!