GigaMax ?!

just spotted today a gigamax dvd writer drive for a very goood price with good option , so is it any good ?

Never heard of it :frowning:

I’m not sure that will be a good purchase. How much it costs?

195 Egyption pound compared with normal prices of dvd drivers which range from 250~400 Egyptian pound , this drive was having a special offer…

400 Egyptian pound, according google, are about 55 euro, the same price of a quality burner here in Italy.

I think that the 195 pound one is not a good quality burner. I never heard of it. There are some additional informations? Is it a rebadged drive?

i would really like to know if its rebadged drive or not?
cuz i like its price…

still no news about this drive , if it rebadged or not?

Gosh, nothing on VideoHelp, and the only thing Google finds is this topic. Is there a picture of the drive on the box? Could you take a shot for us? What about buying it and returning it if it’s not a good brand? I’d say there’s a 99% chance it’s a rebadge of some kind, it’s doubtful a company would make a burner and only market it in Egypt!

Sure it’s not a Gigabyte? Gigabyte DVD Burner

sure its not gigabyte , i know well gigabyte…
its gigamax … i found this site —>
and they also selling in my country dvds with very good price.
and they also selling LCD and CRT moniters with awesome prices , i dont know how they are doing this…

@wildies : Are you Egyptian ? :slight_smile:

195 LE for DVD RW drive is dust cheap and I wouldn’t trust a piece of hardware with such price .
I saw Benq 1655 for 280 LE which is a bargain here also Asus 1608P3S (Pioneer 111) going for the same price , I would have recommended Sony 810A (Benq 1640 oem) just like the one I got , but unfortunately all the Sonys now in Egypt are 820A (Benq 1670) :a

Wow , three Egyptians now including me :clap:

Gosh, the links on that website don’t go anywhere!

That’s not a great sign…

I guess worst case scenario is that this is a BTC or something, is anything keeping you from grabbing it and returning it if it’s a poor drive?

I don’t know why doesn’t he just get the “famous” drives available in Egypt :
Asus 1608P3S
Sony 820A
LG 4167B


yeah minaelromany , i am egyptian , nice to know there more of us here :smiley:

anyway i was wondering about this brand cuz they offering alot of products with awesome price , so if they were good , then why not buying them , it will be nice for my badget :smiley:
but seems nobody know them , and it will risky to buy them and get screwed and couldnt return them back.

anyhow , i was going for BenQ 1655 dirve , i think after reading ,its good …
and does BenQ 1670 not good or what?
and isnt Sony DRU-820A a liteon driver? i see them both in the same section!!

minaelromany , contact me through msg ,

From my experience : Quality can never be cheap
Benq 1670 is based on Panasonic chipset which is not as [B]mature[/B] as Nexpedia chipset for Benq 1640/165X with recent firmware
Sony was LiteOn before DRU-810A .
I will contact you ASAP :slight_smile:

thanx for trying to help man , waiting to hear from you…

and whats MSI DR16-83 is based on ?

You mean : MSI DR16-[B]B3[/B] ? It is Benq 1640 rebadged drive .
How much does it cost ? is it available in Egypt ?
It is an awesome drive , if it is cheap , go for it .

i am checking the market right now , will search and if i find it , will tell you.

Another Egyptian member here at cdfreaks said in another thread that he had Benq 1655 from Nasr City for 250 LE which is a very good price .
250 LE = 43.5 $

BTW : check your e-mail :slight_smile:

thanx for the nfo , gonna give a visit to computers mall there and check whats they have