Gigamaster DVD+R (fake MCC 003)

Benq DW1655 BCIB at 8×
4114 MB burned
sold as “Gigamaster DVD+R 8×” (
fake MCC 003 :a

the quality scan looks very good at the beginning, but the end of disc is unreadable… Disc has no dust or scratches on the surface.

Thats fake media for ya!

Definitly fake, the genuine MCC stampercodes start with “ZD”, not “DVD+R”.

Now about the reading error, are you sure you cycled the tray before scanning/TRT’ing? Benq 1650/55 drives have this error with +R if you start tests without cycling the tray… :wink:

Aww, there’s more fake than real MCC 003 on the market (well, most of MCC’s 8x production stopped, so I would say that this serves them right although this is not really correct).
I do miss MCC 003 and 02RG20 (especially Singapore-made ones, I still have 4 MCC 003 and 4 MCC 02RG20 MIS printable), they’ve been giving me great results.

Hmm I can still get Verbatim MCC003 (MBIL ) and MCC02RG20 (CMC/PRODISC) and YUDEN000T02.

Infiniti are using MCC02RG20 for their 8x -R discs according to SVP: - don’t know who makes them though, but its probably MIT going by Infiniti discs in the past, and its almost certainly non-fake as all Infiniti branded MCC discs I’ve bought are real from CMC.

Yeh they are CMC made MCC. Infiniti are a good brand, and pretty cheap.

Yeah, I used them exclusively some time ago. Still the only second tier brand I recommend wholeheartedly :slight_smile: