Gigabyte mobo ide controllers

Hey all…
i’ve searched your remarkable forums, lots of great info in here…but i was unable to find anything that helped with my noodlescratcher.

me gots a gigabyte ga-8ik1100 v.20 mobo…and its ide controllers with my hd on one and a plextor writer premium + hd dvd writer 640c on the other, seem to be messed up, or perhaps its software (i’m kind of leaning tword the software side). I am getting an incorrect function error, which i can move from one optical drive to the other by enabling recording function through properties, although even with this enabled i can not write. Only one drive at a time will let me set that not both at the same time. Bios sees the drives windows will eject disks etc but not read/write.

I’ve uninstalled both drivers, switched ide controllers, changed jumper settings. Also adjusted registry upper/lower limits. Both were working fine till about 3 days ago. i’ve uninstalled all dvd/cd authoring software. Still problem persists. Any have any ideas?? will gladly post any additional info that might be needed.

Thanks in advance for the knowledgable help i’m sure to obtain here!!

Welcome to cdfreaks. :slight_smile:

I think windoze XP with SP2 has IDE drivers for your $ntel 875 mobo. If not just visit $ntel for download.
When your HDD’a are SATA you better also install appropriate drivers.

To your problem. First, disable (or set to ‘manual’) windoze IMAPI (burning engine), located in administrative tools ->services.
Than use applications like Nero to burn.

If this doesn’t solve your problem you can also search at M$ knowledgebase.