Gigabyte m/b post beep

have a Gigabyte X58 m/b, the m/b does not beep when posting. is it normal. All my previous m/b beeps once (Asus and Gigabyte) during post. Gigabyte told me it is normal just as long it boots into Windows. The m/b does not need to beep once to indicate everything is normal.

Is there a speaker built onto (whatever model) motherboard even? I’ve been seeing more M/Bs come out without the little speaker - now it’s all LED codes.

Yes, there could be a lack of buzzer mounted on the board. There can also be a setting in the BIOS to enable it. It is usually found under the boot menu, labelled something along the lines of “silent boot”.

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Checked the bios, no settings for silent boot. My owners manual does itemizes the beeps to indicate what the problem is. The m/b have been rma to Gigabyte. It came back the same way it went in. No post beeps. Gigabyte emailed me that it does not matter if it beeps or not as long it boot into Windows. Yes, my m/b does have a speaker attached to it. The only reason I’m focusing on it is to know that the m/b is okay and not defective.

It has no buzzer, thats why.

I’m sure it has because there are speaker pins where you installed the speaker to it. However, if it operates silent, how does the m/b communicate trouble codes then. The board has led to flash error or normal codes. I would not see them when computer case is closed. My other X58 m/b by Asus also has led but it also beeps once during post.